STRETCHING BACK PAIN AWAY: Notice How This Yoga Teacher Is Really Working The Full Motion of Cat Cow Correctly

Yoga Healed My Lower Back Pain

All my life I have been hearing the sacred myth that “sciatica” is the universal cause of everyone’s lower back pain. I don’t believe there is any such thing as sciatica in my life now or then. I no longer have back pain and it has nothing to do with so-called “sciatica.” My back pain was healed by doing simple back exercises properly.

The Myth of The Back Going “Out”

Prior to my yoga practice my lower back was often in a low level of pain because it really just needed to be stretched out. The pain would occasionally flare up so bad that “my sciatica flared up and back would go out”. My lower back pain would be so intense sometimes I would be bed ridden because of it. My dad also used to intone the mantra: “I have sciatica and my back went out.” My dad didn’t have sciatica he had a tense back that needed to be stretched out.

Simple Stretching is the Answer

Today I am so grateful for my yoga practice because I no longer have back pain and it has nothing to do with sciatica. Practicing yoga correctly healed my back pain. Notice how this girl is really flexing her spine in her cat cow asana. There are lots of animated gifs of people doing cat cow but most of them are not doing a full flex. Most cat cows are not as detailed as this girls:
She lifts her head and eyeballs all the way up flexing her neck and she really works that lower back properly

Breath Into Your Back

You have to do the proper yoga breathing into your back muscles. If you do the full yoga ujayi breathing then you can even make your dick bigger. Inhale as you are lifting your head up and exhale as you round your back and tuck that tail. Really tucking that tail bone in is what did it for me.

proper cat cow
Really Tuck That Tail Bone In and Feel Your Lower Back Pain Dissipate

Kundalini yoga teachers rarely correct however Guru Meher at Yoga West really helped me when he said: “Really tuck that tail bone in.” When you flex your head high and really tuck your imaginary tail bone in you can feel your back pain melt away. This girl is really tucking her tail in:

She really tucks that tail bone in as she lifts her back up high
It Doesn’t Have to Be “Yoga” to Stretch Lower Back Pain Away

Your simple stretching exercises to not have to be performed within the pseudo-religious context of “yoga”. Your stretching only has to be done correctly with the full range of motion. When you stretch correctly you will feel your lower back pain naturally correct itself during your stretch.

This is the asana that I am currently perfecting in my practice. THIS MAKES MY LOWER BACK FEEL DELICIOUS!