To Thine Own Self Be True

Self Gratification

I practice self gratification with the same curiosity with which I practice my spiritual gratification. Spending a lot of time alone helps. Being alone is as important for me as social gratification. Now that I have left the gay social gratification scene behind I liberated myself for higher levels of both social and sexual gratification. I am taking care of myself because it is good for me. 

Higher Consciousness

The question is do I live sexually in my higher or lower self? Lately I have been practicing spiritual masturbation. One definition of spirituality is to become your true nature. If my true being is the Body of Christ is masturbation wrong? I have to pray and let the Holy Spirit guide me. A few months ago spirit intuited to me to stay away from the local Palm Springs gay bathhouses. If it comes down to promiscuous homosexual overdrive or masturbating as a man of God, does that make masturbation oday? These are the questions I must now ask myself. The things I did yesterday no longer interest me. I am still going to have gay sex with masculine Latino total tops who like skinny brown total bottoms. I am not going to hide. I am going public with my bisexuality to pave the way for future generations of young gay Catholics.

Lower Consciousness

One of the purposes of this blog is to counter effect the negative writings of so-called Christian websites that denigrate homosexualty. You are free to be yourself sexually as long as you are chaste. Get a partner. Get a lover or a sex buddy. I’m telling you to live from your higher self because I need to remember to do that. My lower self is always there waiting for me on Craigslist or at Helios. I am holding out for what the Holy Spirit has in line for me next.