Thanks for Giving Me Something to Blog About:  Glennie Castellazo Makes America Hate Again

I was sitting here trying to think of a nice holiday blog topic when Glennie Castellazo, boss of the Castellazo Crime Family, sent me a text message trying to sell me his so-called “friend’s” personal improvement services.  The last time I heard from Glen he was trying to sell me a Kangen water machine.  Now Glen has the gall to use the name of the late Max McAdams to try and shame me into getting what he wants.  I was trying to blog about something other than con men like Glen for a change.  I was hoping Glen would stop harassing me but he just keeps rubbing salt into old wounds he created.  Now Glen is trying to tear the scars off of ancient wounds.  Continually texting about Max has caused me to write this Castellazo Insurance Agency abatement blog.  Max tried to help me get an insurance license for the employment that Glennie offered me.  The only reason Glen Castellazo knows Max is because Glen suckered me into getting an insurance license.  Mr. Castellazo:  Please reimburse my tuition and legal expenses.

glennie castellazo reimburse my tuition

Reimburse My Tuition and I Will Pay for Your Personal Improvement Lessons

Fifteen years ago I was in the Whizin’s Arcade in Agoura, California promoting my paralegal services to the local law firm there.   Glennie butted right in and offered me a job selling insurance.   In reliance upon Glen’s offer I obtained my casualty insurance sales license but no job ever materialized. Due to my detrimental reliance up Glen’s misrepresentations, which he knew to be false when he made them, I was out a large sum of money because I even hired a lawyer to get my license when the State of California refused. 

river religion

Then at the first of the year Glen called me out-of-the blue and tried to hustle me into purchasing an expensive Kangen water machine while I was living in a cheap motel.  Why buy the whole cow when milk’s so cheap?

westlake village kangen water

Glen just keeps calling and calling trying to hustle me.  Now he wants to sell me personal improvement lessons!?  I told him to make a deposit in to my bank account before we can talk any further.  This Glennie Castellazo blog is a work in progress that you can follow throughout the day.  By following the construction of this blog you can learn how to blog.   

Harvey Wallbanger

The case against Harvey Weinstein is falling apart.  Hopefully this will help  alleviate some of the anti-male hysteria palpably floating off of many women today.  The New York Police Department framed a guilty man just like the Los Angeles Police Department framed OJ Simpson.  Most of the women I pass on the street are walking around in a self-induced state of unnecessary fear.  I am going to stop worrying about it.  It makes me feel bad that women are so fearful but I am going to just have to get over it.  I am a sixty-one year old two-time heart-attack survivor in constant pain from shingles.  I had open-heart surgery and I also have two stents.  I you want to be afraid of me you have that ridiculous option, but you cannot go telling other people that there is a need to be fearful.  I am just an old man having an intimate relationship with the cosmos.  

Content Creator

The most important thing about being a content creator is to keep producing a steady stream of content for your viewers.  The purpose of this blog is to get my regular reader Glennie Castellazo to reimburse some of my tuition money that I spent getting my insurance license.  I am just a broke old man trying to live out the last of my days with a smile on my face.