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Working as a male legal secretary is a good way to learn highly marketable job skills

Thirty years ago I discovered working as a male legal secretary and quickly moved up in the world with these skills. It helps me to this day with my new blogging career.  Prior to that I could only play guitar and operate cameras. I was good with all types of guitars and cameras and terrible at making a living. A woman in AA got up at the podium and told her story about beginning her professional life as a legal secretary. That woman planted the seed in my brain. A few years later I went to the UCLA Extension Paralegal Training Program and got a Litigation Paralegal Certificate.

I found a paralegal job at the student employment office at Cal State Northridge and my career was born. I was working at a worker’s compensation law firm on Hollywood Boulevard across from the Chinese Theatre. Grueling even then at $8.00/per hour . . .  I soldiered on.

Male Legal Secretary to the Rescue

A legal placement service sales representative who was an Andie McDowell look alike took me aside and told me that if I worked as a legal secretary for a few years I could do whatever I wanted with paralegal. I knew intuitively that she was right and so I let her send me out for $15.00/per hour as a male legal secretary. That was really good money for the early eighties. Legal secretary pay was always very good until the crash of 2008. I erroneously assumed that I could always go out and get a job as a legal secretary no matter what the economic weather. I was wrong. I really liked being a male legal secretary when it paid well. These days I make the same money being a regular male secretary. I lot of what I do on a daily basis is divorce and QDRO work. Filing out dissolution of marriage forms is typing and word processing intensive.
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