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Unsolicited fake link sharing requests should be ignored.

Here is a good example of a malicious fake link sharing website: This scam even fooled the Zen Grifter. Griff told me to follow through with Mrs. Robinson and so I sent her a fresh email. There is a tracker hidden in this unsolicited email from “Eryn Robinson.” By hitting the reply button and responding to Mrs. Robinson’s email she will then be able to infect me with whatever she wants. Ransom ware, malware, identity theft, etc. I did not take the bait in her phishing attempt. The only reason that I even responded to this treachery because Griff said to. Good thing I followed my instincts and proceeded with the utmost of caution. If it wasn’t for fake friends, I would have no friends. is even worse that a fake friend, nwbcomms is a non-existent friend.

When I sent Mrs. Robinson a fresh clean email originating from my email address, she did not respond. Mrs. Robinson did not want a fresh clean email from me. She wanted me to hit reply on her infected email bait so that she could sink her hooks into me. I’m lucky she was not able to destroy my life. I foiled her phishing expedition.

my only friends are fake
my only friends are fake link sharing websites
If it’s DIMEPIECE LOS ANGELES, then why aren’t the prices in US dollars?

Fraud is Rampant

If you hold yourself out as a small business person, you are holding up a target in front of your face. When you are in business the fraudsters will crawl out of their dark holes in an attempt to deceive you. A blogger is always vigilant against criminals attempting to shut him down. Always conduct a preliminary investigation with everyone new that you meet whether it is online or in-person.

community of men enjoying naturism cmen founder john herriot
Community of Men Enjoying Naturism CMEN Founder John Herriot

Community of Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN)

One of the main bad actors attacking this website for the past decade has been Megan’s Law registered child sex offender John Herriot. Herriot and his minions have deployed massive recourses against this website. John Karl Herriot is the founder and leader of a gay nudist organization he now calls Community of Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN). Herriot is retaliating against this blog for being instrumental in his dual state child sex offender registration status. John Herriot has a good motive for hacking this blog. Mr. Herriot is attempting to hide his international child sex trafficking operation in plain sight. Herriot was using gay and bisexual naturism as his camouflage until LegalNoodle exposed him.

CMEN on my doorstep in West Covina

When I lived in West Covina, California, one of Mr. Herriot’s Pakistani crime partners hand served me with Plaintiff John Herriot’s ineffective, fatally flawed, and useless “restraining order” against me. It was a totally useless move that served no legal purpose. It was done in an attempt to scare me into ceasing publication of anti-CMEN blogs. Herriot was only able to locate me because I foolishly revealed my address in my blogs about life in West Covina. So Herriot’s untouchable man-servant from Calcutta attempted to intimidate me with his irrelevant personal service of an old irrelevant document. A fraudster with an Indian accent called me pretending to be from the Social Security Administration. This same Pakistani or Indian immigrant may be behind Mrs. Robinson’s fake link sharing scam. By connecting the dots I can create a profile of the malevolent players attempting to hack my website and my life. The Pakistan-Bombay connections are probably proficient in the art of digital malfeasance.

Fake Facebook Profiles Saved Me From Wasting My Life on Fakebook

Fake Fakebook profiles are another way that scam artists attempt to weasel their way into my life and yours. Wasting time on Facebook just doesn’t seem like as much fun as it used to. Especially when there is so much fraud and misinformation. Beware of fake friend requests on Facebook.

facebook fraud

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.