march masonic madness

The Restoration of Democracy at Masonic Homes Covina

March Masonic Manifesto: Michael Magliato Must be Prevented From Stealing the Community Newspapers

Hateful pseudo-Freemason Michael Magliato stole today’s Los Angeles Times newspaper after breakfast and made me spend all day tracking him down. I went around looking for it like the seasoned investigator that I am. I knew that eventually I would probably find it in the trash and I was correct. What I found was a second copy of the times that had been legitimately trashed and I suspected Michael Magliato. Bro. Michael Magliato is the village creep and his March Masonic Madness must cease at once.

When I knocked on Michael Magliato’s door after dinner and informed him that someone has been taking our paper, he just came right out and said that today was the first time he has ever taken it, and handed me todays’s fresh paper at 6:00 PM. Now I had two copies of todays LA Times because of creepo Magliato! It looked as though he hadn’t even read it. It was virginal. Supreme Creep Master Magliato said he was going to bring it back and I said: But you didn’t. I decided not to recite my litany of his illegal conduct such as riding his bike on the sidewalk. I will wait for Jennifer and Judy to request Magliato’s removal from the community.

Magliato has been stealing stealing the community papers in an ongoing and continual pattern and my goal is to stop him. In my opinion Michael Magliato should be moved out of the Masonic Home and into a more appropriate residence. Maybe the rat bastard will even have to move all the way back to New Jersey and take his bullshit March Masonic Madness with him.

david r doan investigate this crime
Keep transvestite Michael Magliato out of our Masonic reading room!

Dean Arnell’s hatred of Christmas has pushed me over the edge and into action. Because Arnell hates Christmas, Christmas music and all vocal music, I am forced to become a compliance officer. I don’t want to be doing this. I want to be upgrading my technical skills and move the web hosting for this website by myself to save money on web developers. However I am forced to devote my precious time and energy to stopping Arnell from Hell and it was mostly Arnell’s hatred of Christmas that necessitates this Manifesto.

Do you want to know why so many of the Brethren turn their backs on Freemasonry? Why are so few young men asking us to become Masons? Why am I one of the few boomer Freemasons? The problem is bad actors exemplified by the hypocritical red-neck racist Bro. Dean Arnell and those whom he has infected. I even had to change my name because of this repugnant character. However the fascism is all over now because this Masonic madness ends in March.

The Residents Are the Compliance Problem

When I first became a resident at Covina I briefed myself on the applicable state and federal statues governing continuing care retirement communities. Due to the toxic environment at the Masonic Homes created by Bro. Dean Arnell and other residents, I hereby appoint myself resident legal compliance watchdog. Masonic Homes Covina is a resident controlled retirement community and it is therefore inappropriate for Arnell to lock the control cabinet for the community big screen TV in the dining hall. It is unethical for Arnell to deny resident requests for Christmas music in December and the Super Bowl in January. It is revolting to listen to Arnell’s weekly sermon while we are trying to eat lunch and in my opinion that should be discontinued. The community shall vote on whether or not we continue with Arnell’s hypocritical Sunday blessing.

is dean arnell an asshole or a butt wipe?
Stop this Brother from making us look bad

On the Monday Morning after the Super Bowl, Arnell Maliciously Complained About the Sensuality of the Half-Time Dancing, so where the Hell did Arnell watch the game since he forbade it in the Dining Hall?

It is wrong for Arnell to hold on to the remote control like a satanic Homer Simpson, yelling at Bro. Steve Hawkins requests for the Rose Bowl. In a perfect exemplar of Arnell’s maliciousness, on the Monday morning after the Super Bowl, in his backwoods hillbilly accent, he whined and complained about the Super Bowl half-time show Latina dancing to Yolanda, our Latina food director. Since Arnell prohibited the Super Bowl from being viewed in the resident dining hall, where the hell did Arnell watch the game at? Arnell was complaining about the sensual Latina dancing in his usual veiled racism. Arnell’s racist attitude stops right here with me. No more “Arnell From Hell!” The toxicity stops here.

Over-Cooked Green Beans are the Deal Breaker

Forget Dean Arnell and everything he stands for, I am taking over. When I moved here I changed my name from Dean to Keith because Arnell was such an asshole. Now Arnell insists that the kitchen over-cook the green beans and so Arnell’s petulant interference with the Chef stops here. This is like the Arab Spring and the Oktober Revolution. I am restoring democracy to the Masonic Homes Covina!

Arnell constantly complains about food issues such as salt, that have already been voted and adjudicated. Arnell is constantly on the lookout for things to complain about. Now the fascist bastard has surreptitiously requested our chefs to overcook the green beans. Last night my green beans were way over-cooked. This is the last straw. I am putting an end to this March Masonic Madness by appointing myself community compliance officer. From now on we will vote on everything just like Jennifer had us vote on Arnell’s endless whining about salt.

internal masonic home covina memo
The professional food staff at the Masonic Homes Covina kitchen prepare everything perfectly, it is the residents who have a problem
This is a Consumer Controlled Community and We Can Vote Out Arnell’s Sickening Sunday Sermon

From now on we will vote on everything instead of anonymous dishonest & unethical actions by residents. From now on we will vote on everything and there will be no more anonymous communications. We will vote on whether or not we continue with Arnell From Hell’s hypocritical Sunday Sermon.

march masonic madness
This is not From Covina Residents because it was not from me and I am a Covina Resident
No More Identity Theft Via Anonymous Communications From Residents

I had nothing to do with this document and therefore the FROM: Covina Residents is identity theft. From now on every document will state exactly who created it, at the very least. An appropriate document would also include a date. From now on everybody will continue to do the great job they are doing. Our expert professional chefs and kitchen staff will do their jobs with no knee-jerk interference from angry senile residents.

say no to hypocrites
Arnell’s hypocritical preaching must end in 2020
The blogger known legally as Dean Keith McAdams is a retired legal secretary and ALS advocate from Los Angeles, California. Keith has been blogging in WordPress since 2008. Contact: It only seems complicated but actually life is very simple: "God and I are One, not two."
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