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Let’s Make Kundalini Sexy Again

Captive Marketing

Did you know that in order to teach kundalini yoga you are required to pay the 3HO International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA) $120 per year for membership?  Ho, ho, ho!  Guru Singh doesn’t tell you that in his sales pitch. The $120 annual teachers fee is in the fine print at the end of your contract. Did you know you enter a contract when you enter IKYTA Training? It is called an adhesion contract because it adheres to the back of the contract that you are aware of. Adhesion contracts are unconscionable. A $120 annual fee to teach yoga is unconscionable.

dya kaur
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation | Dya Kaur Libby Lydecker | 9:00 am – Fridays | Yoga West | 1535 S. Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA

Yogi Bhajan did not invent kundalini yoga. In an example of brilliant yoga marketing he created a fake religion called Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan.

yoga teacher annual fee

Yoga Teacher Marketing

What Yogi Bhajan, Inc. is really selling at 1535 S. Robertson Blvd. is Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training for $3,200. Look at every Kundalini yoga studio website and they all sell teacher training. Look at any and all yoga websites and they all sell teacher training. 

Bay Club and Equinox Have Better Yoga Than Yoga West

The Equinox Gym on Rosecrans Blvd. had better Kundalini yoga than Yoga West. Kundalini teachers at Yoga West do not get up and correct students as a standard practice. Yoga teachers at gyms will correct you if you are doing an asana incorrectly. I probably learned more kundalini yoga at EQ in two years than I did at Yoga West in five months. Plus I was in a nice modern gym with hot water, steam room, dry sauna, Jacuzzi, etc. Yoga West is really primitive with the cold water only format. The floor is filthy and Yoga West just smells bad. 

Yoga Is Like God, Better to Do It Myself

Five months ago I had a great yoga practice in the desert. Would I still do the same thing and come to LA for five months of practice at Yoga West? Yes, of course. The desert was starting to feel deserted. Will I go spend my precious warm cash on another yoga studio? No, that would be ridiculous. At my age I should be the teacher.