What is Marriage and What is Dissolution?

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What is Marriage?


A marriage is a written contract forming a legal, financial, emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual partnership between two people. These marital partnership contracts are the jurisdiction of each state. The right to enter into a private marriage contract is regulated and taxed by the state. The state sells marriage contracts at the local county level. Private individuals must pay the state to enter into a legally binding marriage contract. The state places restrictions or criteria such as age and gender regulating who may enter into a civil union marriage contract. A state sponsored marriage contract has no specific terms or conditions and usually both parties are considered equal until proven otherwise. You do not need an attorney or paralegal to sign and enter a marriage contract. You do not need an attorney or divorce paralegal to dissolve, or terminate the marriage contract, but it helps. 

I am writing this divorce article to train you to think unemotionally about your impending divorce. It is important to see and feel your divorce as a business matter instead of a psycho-sexual emotional matter. When you think about your spouse you feel the lush panorama of human emotions. When you are at your job closing a information management deal do you think about love and sex and money? Your divorce is a business deal with all the bells and whistles. And a bag of chips. 


Don’t Use Your Divorce Attorney

as a Highly Paid Emotional Referee


Sometimes two people must get divorced to preserve their mental health and sanity. In these divorce cases it is especially important to manage your emotions as professionally as you would manage a client’s data. The information only has the emotional impact that we ourselves assign to it. Even if you hire the best divorce attorney in town you will still need to manage your strong and overpowering emotions towards your spouse during the divorce proceeding. After you receive your judgment of dissolution of marriage you will still have to deal with your ex-spouse if there are children involved. Why not take charge of your shattered emotions and make your divorce a transformational experience? You spouse is the same frail human being you once loved and cherished. Be the bigger person and process your emotions or find some type of catharsis so that you can rationally and intelligently process your divorce with an emotionally balanced aplomb.


Prenuptial Marriage Contracts


An aware partnership team can create their own prenuptial marriage contract that has specific terms and conditions. These are called prenuptial marriage agreements. For example I would like my prenuptial agreement to state that whichever party wants to dissolve the contract must pay the attorneys or divorce paralegal fees and costs. 


What is Dissolution of Marriage?


Dissolution of marriage is a state sponsored legal proceeding in a court of law. The state does not actually participate in dissolving the partnership, the state acts as a referee. The state merely has a judge sign off on the divorce. The parties to the dissolution of marriage must ultimately work out the terms of the division of assets and liabilities. Sometimes the judge does take out his pen and actually assist in the mathematical division of assets but that is rare.


Postnuptial Marriage Agreements


The most important thing for a divorcing partnership to realize is that it is in their best interest to work hard to devise their own divorce contract. The couple must work much harder on their divorce contract than they ever did on their marriage contract. A wise plan would be to bring a divorce paralegal onto the scene very early if you have a lot of assets and liabilities. It makes economical sense to have a legal document assistant help the couple to create their marital settlement agreement or divorce contract. It could cost a small fortune to pay attorneys to create a marital settlement agreement. You could always have LDA’s create the outline and basic date input of the MSA and then have divorce attorney sign off on it later.