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My masculine bisexual lover is perfect in every regard except that he doesn’t kiss. James has so much heterosexuality in him that I can feel it and it is a major turn on, except for the no-kissing part. The last time he left I forgot he doesn’t kiss and I turned my face to give him a kiss and the good looking masculine motherfucker turned his face away. My answer is that he is so good at everything else I am just going to kiss his strong arms and hands. I am going to be such a satisfying lover that I will make him want to kiss me like it was his idea some day soon!

Intimacy Dilemma With The Masculine Bisexual Lover

James is such a hot lover that my lips and emotions hunger for his kiss. From now on I have resolved to shave right before he comes over so I look smooth and seductive. I wanna be his boy. James is so clean and sexy he keeps his pubic hair nice and short just like I do. The last gay man I had over here did not even have the decency to keep his pubic hair tightly cropped. A man who keeps his pubic hair nice and clean is always going to be a superior bisexual or homosexual lover. James is such a high quality lover that he has helped me to raise the bar on my dating life. I am getting sick of myself for tolerating low quality men. I hereby resolve to raise my standards and my legs in life.

Feminine Bisexual Lover in the Boiling Pot of Water

James holding out and not kissing reminds me of how far I have come in my bisexual homosexual training.  I myself have only been kissing men for a few years. I have had conflict with selfish gay men who want to stick their tongues down my throat even when I ask them not to. I hate the kissing styles of most gay men. A lot of homosexuals are really fascist and confrontational about kissing. Even my longtime fuck buddy Jimmy who was my first of three fucks on New Year’s Day. When I did not respond to Jimmy’s aggressive and violent style of fag kissing he immediately shot out:  “Oh, you don’t like kissing?” “Yes I like kissing Jimmy I just don’t like men shoving their tongues down my throat.”

Even my mentor and sexologist Dr. Paul McDuff was a nasty kisser. I gave him kissing lessons several times. You may notice by my writing that I am really just now weaning myself from the powerful influence of Dr. Allen. My new masculine bisexual lover James helps me get over Dr. Allen. Even though James does not kiss he satisfies my need for emotional intimacy as he makes precision love to my feminine bisexual body.

James has inspired a sexual epiphany. I am an authentic bisexual because I refuse to rim a man. I got into trouble in my last Palm Springs marriage because he wanted me to rim him and I would not. Dick was a reptilian sex machine. I also refused to rim Dr. McDuff once in a threesome with Bobby the Criminal in Westchester. My whole life I have wondered about the fact that I have never performed anilingus but I love men to rim me for hours. I don’t rim because I am not totally gay. I love to eat pussy. I love to suck cock. I love to kiss men. But I don’t like to fuck other men. I would rather fuck pussy than pack a poop chute and I have no desire to be with a woman sexually.  

I feel so free just being with another authentic bisexual that I am empowered to blast out this third blog of the day. I am an infinite pansexual man of God and so are you if you are aware of it!
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