Masculine Consciousness Transformation meditation

Masculine Consciousness Transformation in the Desert

Sexual and Emotional Masculine Consciousness Transformation


David Deida teaches that the feminine essence is free flowing unbounded oceanic energy and the masculine is the pure consciousness that gives direction to uncontrollable feminine energy. As an androgynous mystic I have always embodied more feminine that masculine until very recently. Now my confidence and ability with women has taken on a new dimension of awareness.  


Sexual Masculine Consciousness Transformation


Until now I have been what Deida calls a “Type Two” Personality.  I fuck my women in return for them being the financial source.  A sexual partnership.  Now my total consciousness is changing not just my cock.  I am starting to get into fucking women with love.  I am starting to feel it as a spiritual endeavor. 


Emotional Masculine Consciousness Transformation


All change begins and ends in consciousness.  I am now telling myself that I enjoy fucking women. It gives me power.  It feels good on my cock. It makes my partner feel good. Fucking my partner gets me what I want in life. What a brand new power paradigm for me to experience.  I am fucking an older woman for financial independence.  She told me all I have to do is keep her happy with what I am doing. I told her I want to see the world.  She said he would take me on a trip in May 2015 and I told her I want to go to Israel, Greece and Italy.  Venice, Italy.  She said that her favorite city in the world is Venezia, Italia and so that is going to be one of our stops. She has never been to Israel and that will make it interesting for her.  My partner has mentioned my travel deficient life experience and so I am calling her out on it.


Professional Masculine Consciousness Transformation


My masculine consciousness transformation is also manifesting in my professional aplomb with my clients.  My day job is helping problem people with legal problems and all of the fast firing energy that involves. Pure consciousness intuitively knows how to deal with any situation.  I am getting better at pulling back before I stress my heart out.


Meditating Masculine Consciousness Transformation


I meditate upon the perfection of universal God consciousness and embody it. I release the Deano ego trip and surrender to the infinite lust of the universe.  Meditating in the California Desert at the end of the world.