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Moon Child Rising

Masculine Feminine Transcendence

My entire life has been about transcendence.  Transcending love and hatred, transcending good and and evil, and transmuting masculine feminine division. Androgyny has always been an art form with me. David Bowie taught me a lot about sexual fluidity. There really is no binary bisexual scale. Some people like me are just highly sensual. Some people are experiencing life at a very deep and intimate level. When I do something I really do it. Writing this blog for example. This blog is a time consuming labor of love. The purpose of this blog is to encourage you to quiet your mind and let the universe answer your questions directly. 

Masculine Feminine Darkness

Learn to ask for what you want in life. Hang out with the people you want to be like. We are only here for a little while. My whole life I have been hiding and I am not hiding anymore. Living a life of prayer and contemplation in the desert I can see things much more clearly now. I have escaped my karmic destiny and early death from alcoholism, violence or a heart attack. Every minute is bliss now. I have walked through homosexual darkness into the sunlight of the spirit. In the gay sex clubs of Bangkok the playrooms are totally dark.

This darkness is a literalism and a metaphor for gay life. Can you imagine feeling your way into a dark room full of naked men having sex with each other in total darkness? That is the pinnacle of gay international life. Of course here in 2016 Southern California gay life is literally out in the open. However metaphorically gay life really happens in secret and I like it much better that way. I haven’t socialized around the gay scene in six months and I feel much better. I still hook up with masculine men in the sanctity of my Palm Springs villa but I hang out in a straight scene. I get off on socializing with bubbly forty-five year old women who are forty-five pounds overweight and totally non-sexual.