Drag queens are the walking wounded of the gay community. It is ridiculous and counterproductive to human evolution for gay men to incorporate camp drag into their lives or their gay men’s communities. So I decided to take a stand for masculine homosexuality.

Take a Stand For Masculine Homosexuality

I wanted to support and attend the new CalComMen.com gay men’s community. I attended a few coffee get togethers hoping to make them a regular social outlet on Thursday nights at Ernie’s Coffee on Palm Canyon Drive. Unfortunately CalcomMen base their format on the Radical Faeries and the Billys. The Faeries and Billys base their culture in large part on camp drag. I am writing this article because I am eliminating all drag events from my life.

Heterosexuals should be amazed that I will run into a lot of flack from many of my homosexual brothers for writing this article. We live in a world where we are taught not to say anything negative about anybody. We are over socialized into giving away our integrity. If I want a human being dressed up in women’s clothing I will get a girl. I hate drag and I love masculine homosexuality. I like my gay men naked. So there. Sue me if I have offended your cookie cutter drag queen lifestyle.

How Dr. McDuff and Masculine Homosexuality Healed my Public Androgyny

I was never into drag per se. I did go through a fascination with women’s shoes and jeans. Maybe a little black dress or something that works. I was into it to dress up and feel erotic feminine homosexual power. Camille Paglia says that men put on women’s clothing to play God and I believe that one too. What I really got off on was how good women’s shoes, jeans and boy cut underwear look on my body. I never wore pink lace or frilly ridiculous things. I like square cut, or, boy cut underwear but that comes in gay masculine men’s underwear also.

My sexologist Dr. McDuff gave me permission to dress up in sexy women’s things. He encouraged me and bought me shoes and clothes. One day he asked me if he could take a photo of me dressed up in a little black dress to email to his friend Jose. “Jose” I said in a sexy pout, “I don’t know any Jose.” From that moment on drag was killed for me. It was beautiful. A lifetime of obsession over women’s clothes was lifted. I took such an emotional load off of me. Tons of baggage filled with designer dresses was lifted from my androgynous shoulders. I became much more secure in my masculine homosexuality.  

Masculine Homosexuality Protocol

My new gay social protocol is for me to not attend any events where there is any drag. This is just for me. I am not saying my gay brothers cannot put on their pink wigs and old ladies clothes and prance around like little fairies. I am just not going to pay to go to events and stand around and watch other gay men act like somebody’s third generation idea of what a gay man should do for a ritual. I think naked gay rituals would be more appropriate than camp drag rituals.

Planning out my new year and my life I am suddenly very vocal about me personally detaching myself from a lot of the sordidness and creepy places in gay Palm Springs. The Sunday Beer Bash at The Barracks is a great place to see and be seen but the garishness takes me aback these days. The typical gay bar scenes, whether they be leather, disco, country western, hip hop or drag, no longer appeal to me. The entire gay community as a whole has never been a major part of my life. I prefer to hang out in spiritual community. There are always plenty of gay men in spiritual and yoga communities.

My intention is to create a new community based upon naked masculine homosexuality and that is why I am writing this article.