Kundalini Yoga Instant Healing: CACTUS SHOULDERS

Healing Cactus Shoulders

Raising your arms and shoulders up like a Joshua Tree is called healing cactus shoulders and is a central yoga asana in my masculine liberation. Rotating the spine with my arms in this position has rebuild my shoulders and relieved the pain from “computer neck.” My entire  back feels spring like and electric by breathing and exercising properly. My yoga practice is actually a meditation upon the consciousness and body of Christ.

masculine liberation

Masculine Liberation of the Spine

For years I had shoulder and lower back pain that plagued me every few years with incapacitation. Five years ago I developed an authentic kundalini yoga practice that manifested a divine masculine liberation of my entire spine, lower back and shoulder pain that also caused me intense pain. A kundalini yoga instructor named Sarah Pettit in Hermosa Beach gave me instructions on how to reset my shoulders. The easy technique is done by standing with my back to a wall and pulling and wrapping my shoulders around it.

Zen Buddhist Meditation

For years I would meditate by sitting in a dry sauna in Glendale and observing myself meditating underneath the lone Cypress Tree in Monterrey. My meditation has evolved with my life. Meditation is the foundation of my relationship with my world.

Masculine Sexual Liberation

Meditation has enabled me to transcend the mundane and barbaric aspects of releasing sexual energy. I have learned to transmute my sexual energy into spiritual energy and spiritual bliss. Ananda is a sanskrit name that means “spiritual bliss.” My masculine liberation involves spiritual bliss. Androgynous spiritual bliss meditation.  Your sexual liberation happens outside of gender construct. You are liberated from artificial man-made gender concepts. How can gender reassignment surgery fix anything that is already man-made? You don’t need to wear a dress to be a girl. Being a girl is all in your head. You need a connection not a concept.

Divine Science gay masculine liberation

Earnest Holmes was an ordained Divine Science Minister who created his own religion called Religious Science. Religious Science change its name to Centers for Spiritual Living. The whole belief system was mediocratized into redundancy and irrelevancy. We live in a world where people start new religions like they start new technology companies.  

Human Connection

Are you a human connection or a divine connection? By choosing divine connection you spiritually connect to everyone anyway. Why limit yourself by putting your life in the hands of “Man whose breath is in his nostrils?” Prayer and mediation are eternal. The older I get the more I chose eternal wisdom over pop culture.