First COVID-19 Fatality at MHC

The Angel of Death Drives a New Cushman Golf Cart. IT’S A HELL OF A CART!

Yesterday we experienced our first COVID-19 fatality at the Masonic Home in Covina and so this morning I have been out walking in the light of the full moon taking it all in. It felt good to feel the primordial tugging of the moon on my brain. Mentally, I was holding up very well during this tenth month of pandemic lockdown until last Saturday evening, December 27, 2020, when the Angel of Death was once again following me around in his new heavy duty Cushman club car. It’s a hell of a car man! Ever since my encounter with the Dark Angel I have been manic and sleepless, blogging about getting a copy of the video every day.

Death has been stalking me ever since I was born six weeks premature. It feels like my time here is finally wrapping up and I am pretty much okay with it except for the physical pain. The only thing I really need in life is stronger pain medication.

I feel like I am living in a leaderless institution in a leaderless country

When the news washed over me that one of our Masonic family had died after being infected at MHC with the coronavirus, I began to feel that we are all doomed senior citizens on a sinking cruise liner. It feels like we are all going to die of COVID-19. The next time I have a heart attack I am going to just lie back in bed and let the Grim Reaper have his way with me. I don’t want to be kept on EMT life support in an ambulance parked in line at the hospital because I don’t even want to go near a hospital until 2024. I came to Masonic Homes Covina to die of Myasthenia gravis or a heart attack. It’s better to receive your pain in a concentrated one minute death blow than to die with less concentrated pain spread out evenly over a longer period. I would rather die of a nice quick heart attack than suffer the prolonged agony of death by COVID-19. In my personal experience all forms of death are extremely painful. Therefore it seems logical that a person would prefer the shortest death possible. Right?

Why do the gardeners park their beat up old trucks overnight at a nursing facility during pandemic lockdown?

Why do our gardeners park their beat up old work vehicles on the streets of MHC overnight during pandemic lockdown?  I want to have a community vote at our next update meeting.  In my opinion the residents of MHC have input as to something as odd as beat up old trucks parked overnight on our property during this health crisis in which our residents are perishing. Why did the gardeners work here on November 27, 2020, the day after Thanksgiving? I was expecting the Friday after Thanksgiving to be a holiday and so the gardeners startled me when they both came up walking fast on me like they were once again keeping me under surveillance.  I cut my thumb while pruning my rose bushes because I had to back off from them.  Make sure you keep every second of that footage.  And why were those same gardeners traipsing around in front of my window in the pouring rain on Monday December 28, 2020?
It is not right that the gardeners are right on top of me every day.  So let’s both keep nice video logs of the gardeners.  In my opinion, the gardeners are harassing me while they are pretending to be gardening. I used to really like our new gardeners but now I think that our gardeners are just as bad as our painters.  Nice to know that we will now have images of everything!

sloppy paint job masonic homes continuing care retirement community
Maybe the MHC painters and gardeners should try switching jobs with each other for a little while
Happy New Year to Chief David Doan and his minions. GET READY FOR FREDDY!

In 2021 I am going to come out swinging even stronger and harder against all bad actors in my path. Most importantly, I am going to cut off the head of the snake. I am going to have another fun year of punking the piƱata with former LAPD Deputy Chief of Robbery/Homicide David R. Doan. As the Chief can plainly see by reading my blogs, his agents seem to have bungled their surveillance once again. The same camera that is invading my privacy is also capturing images of MHC employees stalking me in the dark. Now we even have surveillance footage of the Angel of Death stalking me with his headlights turned off.

angel of death bus