Masonic Homes Covina Resident Must Be Relocated for Multiple Violations

MHC Resident outside with no mask must be relocated off campus per Judy Figueroa’s threats to me.

January 7, 2021 re: MHC resident outside with positive test results and no mask

Ms. Judy Figueroa
Executive Director
Masonic Homes of Covina

Dear Judy: You Are Served

I am responding to your letter of January 4, 2021 regarding CDC coronavirus guidelines, which was hand delivered to me by a nurse. Why are you hand delivering letters to me during this dangerous time when you could be emailing me? I am concerned about the sub-standard level of care dispensed by you and your staff. In my opinion you are retaliating and discriminating against me because of these blogs I am writing. Therefore instead of the laborious process of writing you yet another formal letter emailed via pdf document, I will address my concerns to you in this blog written especially for you. To state it another way, you are hereby served via this publication. Masonic Homes of California President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Charland, J.D., can also consider himself served via this blog. On January 6, 2021 I personally observed MHC Resident D.A. sitting outside with no mask while we were both admiring the sunrise together. Mr. A. attempted to get up without me seeing him and he bent down and put his hand to his mouth and pretended to cough so that I would not see that he was without a mask. On January 7, 2021 I again observed D.A sitting outside his apartment. This time he had his headphones on but once again he wore no mask. I have never seen Mr. A. wear a mask, even when he walks past my windows. You will have it on the video camera outside my window. Therefore the offending resident must be relocated off campus per your January 4, 2021 letter addressed to me and also your January 5, 2021 letter to the residents.

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You are retaliating against Dean McAdams for his investigative blogging

In my opinion what is really going on is that you are retaliating against me for attempting to complain about employees at MHC with the California Department of Social Services. You have threatened me with relocation for my initial infractions when a personal warning would have been a better method of treating me. You have stated to me twice in writing that you are intending to relocate me. Therefore you must now apply your written threats to MHC Resident Number One, that I emailed you about yesterday. When I informed you that Resident Number One was outside at sunrise without a mask you replied with a query as to the exact time that I observed Resident Number One outside. I did not reply because I did not want to endure one more episode of you permitting someone lie their way out of violating health, safety, and motor vehicle codes and laws. Therefore I must insist that you relocate the MHC resident outside with no mask per your letter of January 4, 2021. I assure you that I have every intention of following all CDC and Los Angeles County Department of Health Guidelines. Wearing the mask is new to me and sometimes I accidentally leave it around my neck when I exit my apartment. Thank you for making me aware of my error, it will not happen again, considering your threat of relocation, it would be suicidal for me to venture outside with my mask even slightly askew. Too bad for the Brother Mason that you now have to relocate. Oh well, he knew the penalty and he went maskless anyway. Time for a proper application of the Rule of Law. The law must be equally applied to everyone.

Please enforce social distancing of your staff

Today at 12:22 p.m. your maintenance workers and gardeners were clustered together and talking. They were taking a break from their work and watching the ambulances take two more of our deceased Brethren. I get that everybody stops and watches when the ambulances are here. Could you please ask them to practice social distancing? How many in our Masonic Family have died of COVID-19 in this latest surge, four or five? It is hard for me to keep count with your staff breathing down my neck for the past ten months. In my opinion your staff are placing the residents of Masonic Homes Covina at unnecessary risk of infection, illness and death.

I never received a letter from Masonic Homes of California General Counsel

As I have previously stated to you via email, I never received a letter from Mr. Cameron. Your letter advises me to “Also, please review the letter you received from Andy Cameron, General Counsel for the Masonic Homes.” Please forward me a copy of any such letter from Mr. Cameron that you may have in your possession, custody or control.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Dean McAdams

cc: Gary Charland, J.D., President and CEO, Masonic Homes of California

P.S. I have attached a diagram illustrating my theory of exactly how disease spreads on our campus:

masonic homes staff spread covid-19