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I Feel Your Hate

Pool and outdoor furniture at Masonic Homes Covina

Management Hates the Master Masons in Residence at the Masonic Homes Covina

This blog is dedicated to my Masonic Brother Michael Magliato and his unending campaign to push, push, push; nudge, nudge, nudge; shove, shove, shove; and hate, hate, hate; here at the Masonic Homes Covina. Just bring it all on 24/7 Bro. Michael, because now that I have been here for nine months, I know all the rules, and I am just going to have to learn to enjoy playing the game of: Every motherfucker for himself here at MHC.

Matthew 5:44: But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;[1]

Now I see that the pool and Jacuzzi are permanently closed at Masonic Homes Covina because the administration hates the residents. Continuing Care Retirement Communities are not supposed to be punitive. Facilities & Engineering have really gone downhill at Masonic Homes Covina and Environmental Services is swirling around the drain right behind them. At least Matt is enthusiastic about helping the residents like he did last night when he brought me a couple of light bulbs. I would like to thank Matt for being the one bright spot in Facilties Services here at MHC.

Because the residents are all eating in their rooms due to COVID-19, I asked Director of Environmental Services, Bobbie Dimmit, if I could temporarily use one of the many outdoor tables stored outside in the pool yards at MHC and she denied my request. Ms. Dimmit’s coldness is emblematic of Administrations hatred of the Master Masons at MHC.

The Masonic Homes Covina Continuing Care Retirement Community needs to be better maintained and the administration also needs to improve it’s attitude toward the residents.

At first it seemed like there was merely some kind of terrible work ethic and bad attitude problem that is deteriorating the job performance of our Facility Services employees at the MHC. Now I see that the real problem is that the administration just plain hates the Master Masons in residence.

Why weren’t the aquatics and hydrotherapy facilities better maintained at MHC? If the equipment was taken better care of it would last a lot longer. As a native Southern Californian, it is my usual and customary standard of living to have a Jacuzzi available.

This is just wrong.

Jacuzzi’s, steam rooms and swimming pools have always been an integral component of my work out. Prior to my retirement from the work force, I always had an expensive gym membership with both a steam room and a Jacuzzi.

Even when operational the Jacuzzi in Covina was very small for a seventy person population of old-geezers.

jacuzzi masonic homes covina
The Jacuzzi at MHC is deplorable

Swimming is not that important to me. I would much rather have a steam room than a swimming pool. Supposedly the old pool at Covina is going to be replaced with an indoor swimming pool. An indoor swimming pool is not a good leverage of the year-round outdoor weather in Southern California. We don’t need an indoor swimming pool, and neither do I want one. An indoor swimming pools looks stupid in Southern California.

The next time Judy or Jennifer discuss replacing the swimming pool, let’s talk about replacing the swimming pool with the same outdoor pool, and not and indoor pool. we should talk about having a good old-fashioned outdoor swimming pool instead of something as unnecessary as an indoor swimming pool. If we are going to have an indoor swimming pool then it should have a steam room attached. In my opinion what we really need is an outdoor swimming pool, outdoor Jacuzzi and a steam room. All three located in the same area, not spread out like the pool and Jacuzzi are now.

Upside down outdoor table in the pool yard of MHC

Anti-Resident Hatred at Environmental Services

I am not afraid of novocorona virus, COVID-19 or influenza, I am in love with nature. Even though I do not get sick, I wanted to set up my outdoor environment for eating during senior citizen social distancing at MHC. My concern is for the elderly getting sick.

masonic homes covina pool

Because MHC residents are now eating in their rooms, I was interested in eating outside on my patio. So I asked Bobbie Dimmit, Director of Environmental Services, if I could temporarily use one of the many outdoor tables and chairs sitting around accumulating water and mosquitoes. Ms. Dimmit declined my request for an outdoor table. Is that a bad attitude from Ms. Dimmitt, or just plain old hate?

Although I have been raised to the sublime degree of Master in a duly tiled Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons, now I must suffer an employee of MHC denying me what is rightfully mine.

masonic homes table
Table in Jacuzzi area at MHC that Ms. Dimmitt refused to let me use for COVID-19 social distancing purposes

Ms. Dimmit refused my request on the ridiculous grounds that the unused tables are the property of Masonic Homes Covina. Everything here is the property of MHC!

That was a redundant and useless response because everything here belongs to Masonic Homes. I belong to Masonic Homes. Bobbie Dimmit belongs to MHC. The unused outdoor chairs belong to Masonic Homes Covina so that means that they belong to me. Even Ms. Dimmit’s hate belongs to MHC.

Bobbie Dimmit would rather these nice chairs sit out in the sun for another ten years and rot into nothing,rather than allow a Master Mason temporary use for COVID-19 out-door self-quarantine

I Always Thought it was Bonnie Dimmit, Now I Find Out Her Name is Bobbie Dimmit

I don’t think that I even knew Bobbie Dimwit’s real name until I wrote this blog. I thought her name was Bonnie Dimmit. Now I find out her real name is Bobbie Dimmit. Ms. Dimmit should have let herself fall off of my radar.

Now I see why the employees at the Masonic Homes have such a negative attitude toward Master Masons. Employees hate Masons because their supervisors hate Masons. The shit flows downhill at MHC, all the way from Supervisor Bobbie Dimmit, down to the employees and into the scummy swimming pool drain.

SMP-307 Brother loans me his unused hospital table

It’s a good thing most of the Masonic residents have a better attitude than Bobbie Dimmit. My Lodge Bro. Rodney from SMP-307, loaned me his unused hospital food tray, until the COVID-19 lock-down of the Masonic Homes Covina is lifted.

SELF-QUARANTINE: Food tray, loaned to me by Bro. Rodney, at the wicker bench on my back patio. Thank’s to Ms. Dimmit, I don’t have a large table and chairs cluttering up the place
Masonic Homes Covina Employees Have Given Me The Name “Young Man”

MHC employees Amy and Ray have both addressed me as “Young Man” and therefore I can officially claim the nick name of Young Man. Just like our African brothers took control of the N word, I am taking control of Young Man.

masonic homes covina red cone covering exposed wiring
Bobbie Dimmit can take a dry enema upon this old cone out by the pool, because I won’t be needing her shit after all
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