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ST. PATRICK’S DAY: Magliato Claims COVID-19 Social Distancing Does Not Apply to Him–He Doesn’t Get Sick

Masonic Creep Show

Michael Magliato the Masonic Creep, makes the unconscionable claim that the MHC administration’s instructions for social distancing do not apply to him, because he is not susceptible to viruses. MM said he doesn’t care even if he does get sick, that’s why he is riding around in the cold damp air.

It is one of those rare 55 degree winter afternoons in LA and the Masonic Homes village idiot is riding his bicycle back and forth in front of my apartment. There is snow on the San Gabriel Mountains in the background and a creepy Venice Beach reject in the foreground. This is new. Maggot Creepo has never done this before. Mister Creepo is a passive-aggressive psychopath, and he is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to create anxiety and cause trouble at MHC.

Magliato is a Coward Who Fights With Women

Magliato is such a coward that he has even gotten into a confrontation with little old lady Pat S. Pat is a tiny little woman who is hooked up to oxygen and has to pull along her full-size oxygen bottle on wheels wherever she goes. The fact that even Pat S. has had a problem with Michael Magliato illustrates the magnitude of this community nuisance. MM is an anti-social psychopath who thrives on annoying people.

New Creepy Thing

The Masonic Homes Covina is on COVID-19 related, strict social distancing and Magliato is riding his bicycle back and forth past my apartment at twenty miles-per-hour. Magliato has never done this before. This is new. This is typical. And it is typically creepy.

Normally, Magliato rides his bicycle back and forth at twenty miles-an-hour in the parking lot front of the main entrance to MHC. Magliato likes to breeze past parking cars and pedestrians in order to intimidate them into diverting to avoid a collision with him.

However, because MHC is on lock-down, there is no traffic at the main entrance to vent his rage at. That is why he is now in front of my apartment, riding his bike back and forth. I tried to take a photograph of him but he takes off with a great big smile upon his face before I can get a picture of him.

Plenty of Fresh Noodle Available Daily

Yesterday afternoon, while we were still absorbing our shock at the MHC lock down, a Brother said to me: “No more Noodle?”

“What do you mean?” I asked in wonder. He motioned his hands around at MHC in the process of being shut-down with social distancing and stated, “You won’t have anything to write about anymore.” That’s not true, said I. There will be plenty of fresh noodle available daily.

This blog is my response to any of my dedicated readers who may be concerned that I will run out of things to write about during our strict social distancing at MHC.

Please do not worry about my inspiration running dry. Masonic Creep Michael Magliato is proving to be an unending source of creative inspiration. Now I don’t even have to leave the administration imposed quarantine of my apartment to encounter MM. Now I can see MM from my window for the first time. It will be even easier to write about the world when it rides right past my window, where I am sitting and writing these very words right now.

masonic creep michael magliato
Michael Magliato at Masonic Homes Covina
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