The Masonic employee is not the problem. The Masonic president is the problem.

President Gary Charland is the problem, not dead Freemasons who refused to wear masks.

Employee Angel Martinez is not the problem. Martinez was simply the straw that broke the Masonic resident’s back. Martinez was the sine qua non, the culminating incident. Tipping Point. DOL: Date of Loss. When Martinez knocked me out of my holiday bliss on the evening of December 27, 2020 what he did was release all of my pent up anger and frustration at the elder abuse I have been suffering at MHC. The abuse and humiliations I have suffered at the hands of his superior Judy Figueroa are not even the real problem. Everyone at MHC has a much bigger problem now and that is my neighbor D.A. who is positive for coronavirus and continually violating all known quarantine and isolation protocols. President Gary Charland is the real problem for his willful failure to comply with CDC guidelines and Los Angeles County Department of Health protocols.

CDC VIOLATIONS: Positive Residents Are Not Being Quarantined

Asymptomatic Freemasons who have tested positive for coronavirus and refuse to wear masks are not the problem. If elderly Masons stubbornly refuse to wear masks and Gary Charland, J.D., cannot apply the rule of law stop them, then the problem is the Masonic administration and not the Masonic residents. Apparently Judy Figueroa and Gary Charland are unfit for office and as such they should be removed and replaced as soon as possible.

Life endangering Trumpism must be purged from the Masonic Homes of California

A new administration needs to implement and execute a plan to prevent elderly Freemasons from killing themselves by going maskless as a political statement. Trump anti-mask sentiment must be eradicated from the Masonic Homes. Even with the vaccine we will still need to wear masks pursuant to all government guidelines. We have already heard the scientists publicly state the even with the vaccine we are still going to be wearing masks for a while. If the administration is powerless to solve what appears to be a purely political health problem then who can we turn to? In my opinion Ms. Renee Arterberry of the California Department of Social Services should call me back like she represented that she would do back in April of 2020 when I first complained about Martinez.

RENEE ARTERBERRY, DSS: The System Has Failed Masonic Residents in Covina

If the President of a health organization cannot control his employees then something is seriously wrong. Did Renee Arterberry of the Department of Social Services authorize or ratify the conduct of Mr. Martinez in April of 2020? I would like to see whatever written information MHC may have concerning my contact with Ms. Arterberry.

problem gary charland not asymptomatic positive resident with no mask
Asymptomatic & coronavirus positive Bro. Mason D.A. was cooking outside of his apartment on January 10, 2021. D.A. intentionally goes outside every day with no mask as his pro-Trump political statement. The problem is that Masonic Homes President Gary Charland fails to apply the Rule of Law and relocate D.A. (PHOTOGRAPH: Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2019 – Masonic Home at Covina, California)