How employees spread coronavirus in nursing homes

Masonic Homes maintenance staff spread bad health by driving and walking in circles around my apartment for no reason other than to get close to me.

how masonic homes staff spread coronavirus
Masonic homes employees violate my social space by driving the long way around campus and parking here on the East Lawn and then walking around in circles

If the bad conduct of Masonic employees is not malicious and harassing then perhaps it is intentional negligence. This post will use MHC’s own security cameras to illustrate exactly how Masonic Homes staff spread bad emotional hygiene. By going the long way around my apartment to harass me, they then doubling back on foot past construction workers and into nursing or past my apartment. The direct route to nursing is along the access route that passes the Ashwood and Beechwood Apartments. If they are going to Ashwood or nursing while parked along the East Lawn, that going in a circle.

Instead of taking this direct route, the Tres Amigos are taking the long way around by going through the parking lot on the right:

masonic homes staff spread coronavirus going long way around
This the main nursing entrance

This is the proper entrance for Employee A to enter the building for any legitimate purpose. If there is a work order in Beechwood, he may have a leg to stand on. Other wise this is the main nursing entrance for business on north east corner of the 33 acre campus. You can see the parking lot in the background which is the long way around that he takes to follow me around at night with his headlamps off.

This security camera will capture parking lot circle:


This camera should show maintenance workers entering underneath this camera, not going the long way around through the rear parking lot in the far distance.

This back parking lot is the long route to any legitimate business in the center of the campus:

The maintenance workers drive through this parking lot with their headlamps off because it leads to my apartment.

Going around the north east corner of the campus past my apartment on the right:

My apartment is on the right. The retaliatory video camera is located on the left, directly across from my windows.
At this point the maintenace workers are captured on the security camera focused on my window
masonic homes staff spread coronavirus by going in circles around my apartment
This is the farthest northeast corner of the campus along Reeder Avenue where they continue down to the Skilled Nursing Construction. Now EMPLOYEE A. is going in a circle around my apartment and heading to the skilled nursing construction visible on the left.
skilled nursing construction
They park their vehicles here on the East Lawn, which is the proper access for my apartment. Thus they have unnecessarily passed by the skilled nursing construction site in the background.
MHC Problem Employee A. often parks here and backtracks in a 180 degree turn and walks past my door in the center of the photo.
masonic staff spread coronavirus
By walking past my apartment and turning left towards nursing, EMPLOYEE A. has almost made a complete circle of my apartment. Now he will walk past nursing and exit here at the apartment of a resident who died of COVID-19.
Many times EMPLOYEE A. won’t even pretend to go into nursing on the right, instead EMPLOYEE A just makes a U-turn and doubles back this way to my apartment and into Beechwood.
masonic homes staff spread coronavirus negligently passing decedent William Pappas apartment
A Brother died in the Beechwood apartment in the right and now when EMPLOYEE A. exists here he will be back on camera as he turns left to go to nursing.
masonic homes staff spread coronavirus by using back parking lot instead of this main nursing door
This same camera that captures a circle using the East R2 door, will also illustrate an additional smaller cirlcle that led pasy my door and now past the apartment of a resident who died of COVID-19. Remember, EMPLOYEE A.’s work vehicle will still be parked in front of my apartment instead of parked right here where is should be if he had legitimate business.

This camera will see two different circuitous routes used by malicious employees:

masonic homes staff spread coronavirus by not using this main nursing door
This is the correct door that Employee A. should have taken on a direct path to nursing. This is the camera that should show his circle from driving his golf cart through the parking lot back to walking underneath this same camera.
masonic homes staff spread covid-19