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Making Good Investigators Better

MAKE GOOD MEN BETTER: Never Even Get Close to Practicing Law Without A License

The reason that I finally knocked upon the door of a Blue Lodge and requested an application to become a Freemason is all because of Rain D. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rain said that one of the Freemasons main objectives was to make good men better and so that is what I signed up for. Rain was temporarily working behind the counter of the little business center at the beach where I rented a P.O. Box to operate my legal document assistant service from while I was living in my RV with my German shepherd.

GOOD MAN GOES BAD: My Biggest Mistake of the Decade

Obtaining an LDA permit and working for the general public as a gig paralegal is one of the biggest mistakes that I ever made in my life. Providing legal services without an attorney supervising me almost got me throw in jail for practicing law without a license! Paralegals and legal assistants should only work for attorneys otherwise the public is put at risk.

When I look back on all the crazy things that I did to make money at the height of the great recession of 2008 I should have been thrown into jail. In my professional opinion LDA permits should be discontinued because it ultimately comes down to the unauthorized practice of law. Trying to make a living as an LDA led me to practicing law without a license. I’m sorry I ran around improperly providing legal advice to the public and I stopped as soon as it was financially possible for me to support myself by other means. The statutes of limitation have all run out and so now the story can be told.

lapd chief david doan

MAKING GOOD MEN BETTER: My Biggest Success of 2019

My biggest CSI discovery of this year was finding out who has been trying to entrap me into an air tight prosecution for the unauthorized practice of law for the past decade. For over ten years former LAPD Chief David Doan has been running a huge undercover operation trying to get me to actively engage in UPL. I could feel the immensity of Chief Doan’s investigation and the stress helped to give me shingles, triple by-pass heart surgery, two cardiac stents and now I have Myasthenia gravis or other some type of neurological malfunction. My entire life has been about surviving the symptoms of chronic stress and trauma.

How do I know that it was Chief David Doan trying to entrap me? Because I remembered his undercover investigator shoes when I found a photograph of Mr. Doan publicly proclaiming his charitable works. My biggest investigation success of 2019 was recognizing former Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief of Robbery/Homicide David R. Doan by his shoes. Chief Doan has succeeded in taking a good man and making him better. Thanks Chief!

ex los angeles police dept deputy chief david doan

LAPD Deputy Chief of Robbery/Homicide David Doan Your Assistance Making Good Men Better

Are you interested in working as a confidential informant in exchange for a lighter sentence? If you are currently awaiting sentencing in your criminal case then Former LAPD Chief David Doan may have a way for you to shave a few years off of your impending prison sentence. Chief Doan needs undercover confidential informants to assist in the investigation and apprehension of unlicensed legal document assistants. Massive resources have been allocated to Chief Doan in order to prosecute paralegals for the unauthorized practice of law.

State Bar issues ceast and desist

CHINO VALLEY BUSINESS – January 18, 2020
Christopher Hyland of Transcon Financial, Inc. of Chino Hills received a cease and desist notice from the State Bar of California on Sept. 13 for the unauthorized practice of law, according to an attorney discipline report the State Bar released this week for actions taken during the fall.

WANTED: Convicted Criminals Awaiting Sentencing to Act as Undercover Informants in Chief Doan’s Brilliant Plan to Ensnare Paralegals

Are you a convicted felon awaiting for your sentencing report and sentencing hearing? You may be just what the Chief is looking for in undercover informants. The job is very easy. You just call up paralegals and ask them to expunge your criminal record before your sentencing. Have a paralegal expunge all of your prior convictions. Then when you attend your sentencing hearing, you will get a lighter sentence because all of your prior criminal cases will indicate “dismissed”. Ask LAPD Chief Doan for the details, he invented this form of paralegal entrapment.

Chief Doan will never give up and so I will keep writing these posts about his fruitless undercover investigation of unlicensed paralegals because I am into making good men better. 

I am venting all of my rage and anger onto LAPD Chief David Doan on this Saturday night. Any little fucking thing that pisses me off and I am writing a ranting screed about the fruitless efforts of Chief Doan. Some men watch foot ball and other men become heinous serial killers. I don’t like guns or killing people and so I will just address Chief Doan with my mighty blog instead. For the past decade I have been living like a character in a Franz Kafka novel. I had no idea who my tormentors were and then last year I found out that Chief Doan was running a huge undercover informant operation on my fucked-up little paralegal business at the beach. Chief Doan’s ten year investigation of me has made me so crazy that I became an investigator myself! The reason I am writing this blog is because I have learned from Forensic Files that good cops never give up. I have not done any paralegal work for money in almost five years not but Chief Doan is still on my case. My Legal Document Assistant expired and I no longer carry the required surety bond to work as a paralegal.

Good bloggers are into making good men better

On my sobriety date of 1-21-2004 I told confidential informant Christiansen that I was a recovering alcoholic with ten years of sobriety. A few days later C.I. Brian Lysaght, Esq. tried to get me drunk at O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Santa Monica, California.halloween child investigation making good men better

The blogger known legally as Dean Keith McAdams is a retired legal secretary and ALS advocate from Los Angeles, California. Keith has been blogging in WordPress since 2008. Contact: It only seems complicated but actually life is very simple: "God and I are One, not two."
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