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Multimedia Branding Content


Using digital mass communications as multimedia branding content means mastering desktop publishing tools. My digital publishing platform is WordPress. A multimedia branding content provider needs a technological platform like WordPress as a tool to demonstrate facility with the art form.

When I was a child I painted upon a musical canvas. Then I turned to photography, film and video. Now I use blogging as my primary means of artistic expression. I use this tool to express my integration and relationship between my world and the universe. Writing these words gives my life a higher meaning and fulfillment. I would be expressing myself here even if it wasn’t just to promote my career and personal branding. My undergraduate degree is in mass communications because I love creating multimedia. From scrapbooks and collages as a child to iPhone video as an adult, communicating my love to you is my life. This blog is how I express my unfolding and personal transformation and evolution to the world. 

I have also learned how to communicate third party ideas and advocate for their authority. That is what legal writing is all about. Legal research is about integrating facts into legal context. Creating mass communications and multimedia branding content is about integrating perception into reality, or, creating belief.  Even these words themselves are contextual to the medium of the Internet. Focus words, or, key words are intentionally manipulated to direct your search engine query to rank this page appropriately. Ideally you are now extracting the information on multimedia branding content that you were searching for.


Multimedia Branding Content & Digital Mass Communications


Digital publishing with WordPress has democratized the power of mass communications. By mastering digital publishing I am able to reach out to you with this article and you are able to find me. I am looking for small and medium sized businesses in Southern California who need to cost effectively reach out and attract a niche lifestyle audience. The branding must leap off the page and into the viewers hands.

The demographics I can reach out and touch best are enlightened, alternative lifestyle individuals concerned about energy sustainability and social awareness.  Healthy California yoga lifestyle communities are great networks for attracting green brand awareness. Green is good for the planet and for entrepreneurs. Green tastes good and green is good for you. Green is almost a sub-branding in and of itself. 

My mission is to be so reasonable with my cost that you can’t afford not to hire me. Having me design and implement your own WordPress blog similar to this one can cost as little as $500 with a multidisciplinary artist like me assembling the elements. Contact me to talk about how easy it is to create a website like this.

Let me take this opportunity to humbly express my gratitude that the universe has dropped me off out here in the Palm Springs desert. I am in blissful solitude creating these articles and web pages while my blogging career evolves and transforms full-time and self-sustaining.

Providing web content creation for life transformational products is a special niche of mine. The consciousness of the planet is evolving at exponential speed with web content from visionaries and mystics. The depth and meaning of my life today has been expedited by the content on today’s Internet.