Gay vs. Incel

Is J.R. Roberts still a bonafide Palm Springs Councilmember with full voting privileges or has he been demoted to Mayor pro tem only for his ethical disabilities?  I know all about fake gay people like J.R. because I am the biggest fake gay person in the world.  I am really only gay for pay.  I’m only gay in my old age because otherwise I would probably be a hopeless incel Try me, test me, dangle any fifty-five year-old plump, plain Jane brunette in front of me and see what happens. I may not have ridden a bicycle in over ten years but it will all come back to me.  My official rating on the Incel Scale is FAKECEL NORMIELITE:

gay vs incel

All I Want Is a Room Somewhere

Half the world sucks and the other half blows so I just lay back and use the homosexual lifestyle for social mobility.  Remember Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady?  All I want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air . . .  I am currently staying in the cheapest motel suite in El Segundo and it is paradise to me.  I even have a real two-basin kitchen sink.  I am a rich man.  One great big enormous chair . . . 

Fake Lesbian

Some people do the same thing as I do and claim to be gay merely for artistic merit.  I am jealous of the way women like ex-Playboy Playmate Stephanie Adams can so easily play the L card for promotional value.  Once Stephanie got her cute little foot in the door she did a lateral move back to heterosexual.  When the lie caught up to her all she could think to do was commit murder-suicide with her seven year-old son Vincent.  Why not just switch back to the fake L world and play the K card?

stephanie adams first lesbian playmate centerfold

Playboy Playmate Stephanie Adams leaving court holding her son, Vincent, in 2012. Kendall Rodriguez

Adams came out as Playboy magazine’s first lesbian centerfold in 2003. But she was later married to an investment banker for two years before becoming engaged to Nicolai in 2009.

Is J.R. Roberts Really Gay?

Is J.R. Roberts still a PS Councilmember or has he been demoted to Mayor pro tem only for his fraudulent misrepresentations?  How do we even know for a fact if J.R. is really gay?  What if we put my plump brunette in front of Mr. Roberts to test him?

The problem with Palm Springs is that you can never get a straight answer because everyone is gay and fake.  I know because I actually lived in that infernal desert for two years. The only people who live in the desert full-time are economy seeking financial desperados like me.  The problem is that living in the desert is not as inexpensive as it used to be. Rents in the nice parts of the desert are almost as high as Los Angeles. 


Living in the desert from May through October is unnatural and dangerously unhealthful.  Don’t believe gay Palm Springs real estate promoters like J.R. Roberts who try to sell you on year-round desert living with bullshit “Hollywood Heritage” sales babble. Last year three people died from the heat in the Coachella Valley. Gay people have ruined the desert.  Exactly who is the real J.R. Roberts and who owns him? 

j.r. roberts

J.R. Roberts – Palm Springs Councilmember, Mayor pro tem, and Fake Architect Promoting Post-Modernism on YouTube