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The Medium is the Message – Marshall McLuhan

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New Flavor Media Blog


New Year’s Eve 2015 and here is my first blog post on my upgraded multimedia creator blog. This morning I am learning by doing. I am learning by typing these words into the text module. Finally I have a WordPress dashboard with drag and drop modules. Insertable Divi modules for text, blogs, infographic animations, video. 

It’s a good thing I have the week in-between Christmas and New Year’s to learn this totally new media blog UI. It is a little bit overwhelming. The content creator has a huge range of design and content modules to choose from.  This user interface is completely different from all previous WordPress dashboards. Up to now WordPress dashboards have pretty much been the same. This new drag and drop interface lets you revert back to the old style editor if you want. Is this all too technical?

The important thing is what this new design does for my the content creation on my media blog. The first and most noticeable feature is the full screen width home page slider at the top.  This is one of the latest and hottest looks on the web today: the full-screen home page image. Having a full screen graphic makes you look modern and credible. It is amazing how credible and authoritative the right theme can do for your site. A theme takes the place of a professional graphic designer. I paid $90.oo for this theme and a few plug-ins. For that same $90 you are not going to get very much from hiring an American designer. When I do need CSS programmers I can find them for $20 an hour over seas. 


Media Blog Theme Changing


Last time I changed this theme I used a programmer in Nepal. Right after the earthquake in Nepal I hired a CSS programmer to change themes and he charged me $250.00.  Two days ago I realized you can just change your own themes right in your WordPress dashboard in two seconds!  This whole upgrade was so easy I am just smiling and laughing on this beautiful New Year’s Eve morning in the crisp clear California desert.

I am painting and playing music on WordPress just like I used to play my guitar in the desert in a different lifetime.  I am figuring out how to use the Divi modules by using them. Practice makes perfect. I have my blogging practice and my yoga & meditation practice. 

This new UI gets slightly in the way and so I am learning it now in the last few days of the year so that it will not interfere with my media blog output on January 4th, the first real work day of the New Year.  The new Divi text editor has to be opened up just like any other widge, plut-in or special function box. It is really no big deal. Soon I won’t even notice going back and forth opening  up the text box all the time. Soon the new UI will be like my instrument, the musician doesn’t think too much about his tools once he learns them. This is what I am doing right now. I am learning my instrument by adding the counter circles and toggle boxes on my home page. Right now I am going to publish this and then buff it up as I move about my day. I will shower and get ready for my New Year’s Eve Lunch at the Mizell Center and then New Year’s Eve Pool Party in Palm Springs. First we publish and then we shower! 


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.