Welcome to the Machine

The Media is the Message

Media is the singular form of the word medium and means channel. The Internet is a media outlet for the programming you are reading right now. Therefore it is more accurate to say the media is the message rather than the medium is the message. This web page and these animated gifs are the message. The image is actually the message and the machine is the style.

mass media con jobEverybody is trying to sell you something using images to create lifestyle branding. Caitlyn Jenner is really just selling women’s make-up, clothing and accessories. Caitlyn is selling you on the idea that you can purchase an imitation celebrity lifestyle. Hip hop artists are just trying to sell you new wine in old wineskins.

Gays are just selling the same old everything in a rainbow package. One of the problems with technology is that technology tends to give instant credibility to a message. We are used to receiving only important information on our cell phones and laptop computers. Now we have a constant new stream of altered and aggregate reality. We live in a photoshopped world where everything has been digitally processed, pasteurized and altered for mass media consumption.

Mental Health

You can program what you put into your own brain. The people you know and the books you read heavily influence the person you are in this present moment, this present mind. Last night I had the divine realization at how much of my life has been spend with spiritual media. The Bible is spiritual media that has guided the development of my spiritual and mental health. The purpose of this website is to motivate you to think for yourself while you are being bombarded with digital media trying to get you to purchase life instead of experiencing life.

Are you being processed by the gay image machine?

Dream Packaging 

Working with media is my dream job. I love working with mass media in various forms. Film. Music. Webpages. Communicating with images is a powerful responsibility. I am trying to get you to experience the spiritual side of your educational journey.

Rainbow Packaging

Are you being processed by the gay image machine? There really is no such thing as an exclusively “gay” lifestyle. Be careful what you call yourself. Be careful what you pray for because you will get it. You can create whatever life you want by choosing carefully what you put into your brain. What do you think about all day long and who do you hang out with. I just realized how much time I have put into spiritual pursuits in my life. I have spent my life reading the Bible and practicing spiritual principles. Today in the desert I will have an incredible kundalini yoga and meditation practice. Tomorrow I will practice celebrating the Body of Christ. I create my day and I create my life by choosing the correct mental images that I put into my soul.