Original Consciousness

Pure, original consciousness, basking in the warm glow of it’s own reflection.

original consciousness

Why Did Moses Put a Veil Over Original Human Consciousness?

Religion turns human consciousness into a commodity to be sold back to the individual experiencer. By creating a divinity out of pure consciousness, Moses made awareness into a religion. Moses made God in man’s own image, and then sold it back to man. In all fairness, Moses had to do something. The sons of Israel were suffering from Egyptian bondage and Moses had to self-anoint himself their leader. Then he was out there roaming around in the desert trying to bring a tribe of restless and weary nomads to some un-claimed or otherwise available real estate. Moses had to invent God for his people.

Moses had to give the people something to make them feel better and so he gave them words, which became codified into religious ritual. Moses gave the people law and ritual instead of a self-awareness of their own original consciousness. Moses became the writer and the giver of religious law.

Moses Veiled Pure Consciousness and Self-Constructed a Religion As a Means to Sooth His Restless & Weary Tribe

Pure consciousness, basking in it’s own reflection. A burning bush out in the desert or a candle flame in the mind of Moses. Moses knew he had to put a veil over original consciousness in order to sell it. The impatiens Sons of Israel wanted answers, and so Moses gave them “I AM” as a first person narrative instead of original experience of original consciousness. Moses took the power away form consciousness and gave the people a religious narcotic to sooth their nomadic anxiety. Moses made a divinity out of consciousness.

God-Less Buddhism

The Buddha endeavored to bring people to an experience of awareness of their own consciousness with “witness awareness”. In Buddhism there is no “God” to get in the way of pure, unfettered consciousness. By practicing different forms of meditation, transcendental meditation, zen meditation, vipassana meditation, etc., my mind became well-meditated. Gradually, over the decades, my mind evolved from prayer to meditation. I never ask God for anything I simply go to God. If there are any answers necessary, and usually there are not, God will provide them without the question ever being asked. In pure God Consciousness there are no answers because there are no questions.

Mediate on God, Meditate on the Invisible

When I finally heard Joel Goldsmith for the first time in 2008, my well-meditated mind was ready to be blasted wide open with The Infinite Way practice of meditation. Goldsmith’s tapes taught me to meditate directly into the mystical mind of God. Practicing The Infinite Way enabled my “prayer” practice to evolve into a meditative experience of Christ Consciousness.

End of Empty Ritual

God Consciousness brings an end to ritual. Pure original consciousness has nothing to do with empty ritual and in fact ritual comes to be seen as a useless if not a harmfully deceptive distraction in the face of God Consciousness. God does not engage in ritual, God engages in pure experience of pure consciousness.

It takes a minimum of eight years meditating to see any real results. My practice began in 1977 when I was twenty years-old and bought a book entitled: How to Meditate Without Taking a TM Class, and then a few years later I met a drug dealer who turned me on to Zen Bones, Zen Flesh, a zen complication by Paul Reps. Now that I have been meditating for over forty years God comes instantly to me now. Pure God Consciousness as easy as a candle basking in the warm glow of it’s own reflection.

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