Feed Your Meditative Mind With The Fire of The Universe

The reason for the existence of the human life form is to use meditative mind to connect with the meditative mind of the universe. This meditative mind connection allows the spiritual universe to flow into man to create itself. If you look at yourself under a microscope then we all look the same. If I learn to question every single little thing about myself then I can be born again in universal perfection. I question my personality, recover, release and reinvent myself with soul clarity. Below is some ten year old writing I did while living in my RV on Westward Beach Road in Malibu.



Who am I?
Where did I come from?
Why am I here?

Small Minds talk about People.
Average Minds talk about Events,

What we know we know.
What we don’t know,
We don’t know.

Ramana Maharshi said that the path to Enlightenment is summed up in answering one question: “Who am I?”

meditative mind trainingWhat would happen if I decided to go back to college and get a graduate degree in a new field? Or, what would happen if I began an intensive self-study hybrid program in quantum sales consciousness, right here, right now, in these very pages. What if I created my own hybrid degree in quantum manifestation physics and meditative mind? 

This is exactly what I am doing. This is exactly what I have always done. I have always self-educated myself. Self-educated, self-medicated, self-sexed, self-promoted. Self-consciousness, on my time, in my own way. No school can provide the up to the moment esoteric curriculum that will be exactly what I need. But in this modern era of, Internet, DVD’s & reserve libraries; I can create a useable and marketable body of knowledge that will create a new mental tool kit for physical manifestation.

The up to the moment books & DVD’s I can borrow and purchase will be far superior to what is available at even the best schools and seminars that teach quantum theory, consciousness and meditation.

When I was a three year old child my mother taught me to read and bought me Hardy Boys novels and encyclopedias. Then my father introduced me to Jack London and Herman Melville and he took me to the Sunland-Tujunga Branch of the Los Angeles City Library and I checked out novels about the sea and books about The Beatles. My parents instilled a seething inner life of lateral thought and what-if possibility in me. Today I buy books on consciousness from and reserve books on physics from the Los Angeles Public Library and have them sent to the Pacific Palisades Branch, where I go and bring them back to my beach front home & office in Malibu. Now I live on the ocean so I don’t really read that much fiction. I simply live a life of adventure and excitement. I am the hero with a thousand faces, making my own choices.

This is a major new episode and turning point in the saga of a life long learner. I have become the speaker of encouragement that I always was.

meditative mind matterStanding on Zuma Beach as a twelve year old boy, I decided to become an oceanographer. However in a few short years-girls, guitars, grass and pop culture synergized with my emerging hormones diverted me from that science oriented path. Standing on Zuma Beach as a forty-nine year old man, I have finally returned home. Now I live on that very same beach and my desire, intention and emotion is to create more energy (money) as a motivational speaker and writer . . . I now create my day and my life and my reality by synthesizing the following: Science, spirituality, mind, matter and the transcendental self. I am an experienced inner-self manager supremely made for pulling off this astounding adventure.

“You can never come to a conclusion about life. Life is an eternal thing just as we are an eternal thing. We have to start searching for more meaning of what we are. Well, the meaning of what we are has yet to be discovered by us.”


“If I have been privileged to see farther than others, it’s because I stood on the shoulders of giants.”

–Sir Isaac Newton

I want to become truly capable of feeling unconditional love.

–Dean McAdams, Dean of Desire

Where do we come from?

What should we do?

Where are we going?

“All great things are achieved in a light heart!”