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Who’s on Third?

Megan’s Law legislation would be a hot topic for a law review article. Currently I am working on complex probate analysis which I am not at liberty to discuss. I really need to get back to my non-Megan’s Law work, however I am compelled to do this research, investigation and discovery on sex trafficking.

This brief post on Megan’s law legislation is about correlating registered child sex offenders within the organized groups that they create. Offender John Herriot has created several social groups. One of these groups is and another is California Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN). The clandestine nature of child sex trafficking requires that perpetrators maintain secrecy. Some offenders do this by changing their names, whether legally or illegally. Some offenders are right out in the open like Herriot. By researching all of Herriot’s known associates, patterns of conduct will emerge enabling identification of human trafficking suspects. Rick Boehle, Jeff Calvert, Esq., Charles Kenyon and Steve Fuji are the main pedophiles known to be in CMEN.

My legislative argument is that registered offenders such as Herriot and admitted pedophiles such as Boehle should be required to disclose their pedophile activities to CMEN.  As a member of CMEN I want to know. As a member of any group I join, I want to know if the leader is a registered sex offender. Megan’s Law needs to be strengthened to prevent deception from guys like Herriot passing themselves off as leaders in the gay naturist community. These guys make gay into something clandestine again. 

Megan’s Law Legislation Analysis CMEN Name Index

There needs to be new Megan’s Law legislation requiring John Herriot to inform all naturist venues catering to minors that he is a registered child sex offender.  Having this information would have enabled me to better protect myself from Mr. Herriot’s attempts to slander and defame my character. The deception of Herriot and CMEN is vast and complex. I want to know who the bad actors are in my life. I think CMEN is extremely deceptive. 

The CMEN database is organized by first name first, instead of last name first. Therefore the first name on our list is A. Fluffy Bunny.  Can you believe that?  This CMEN’s name is actually A. Fluffy Bunny.  And there is really a period after the a as in A. Fluffy Bunny.  Mr. Bunny has legally changed his name several times.  A. Fluffy Bunny lives in New York.  I can only take so much of this gay shit.

Wikipedia says that fluffy bunny is a derogatory term for a superficial consumer based Pagan. These semen guys really make “gay” into a freak show thing.  I am proud to say I was kicked out of CMEN for standing up to the youth oriented sexual education workshops of Rick Boehle. Dean McAdams was kicked out of CMEN for standing up to the pro-pedophile agenda of CMEN’s leather fetish freak show faction. I’m crossing A. Fluffy Bunny off of my Christmas list.  Now . . . Who’s on Third?
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