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Who’s On First?

Megan’s Law Registry Address of John Herriot

Why does Bobby Resurrecion have the same West Hollywood Megan’s Law registry address as child sex offender John Herriot?  These two CMEN just don’t go together in my informed opinion.  John dresses and acts like a cheap, grubby, dirty old man and Bobby is well dressed and acts like a stereotypical Asian queen. Charles Kenyon says that Bobby is John’s little league baseball uniform website administrator.  I think the baseball uniform websites are fake. I think John Herriot is using Major League Baseball logos on fake websites to lure children into sex trafficking slavery. Do John and Bobby travel to the Philippines together? Does Mr. Resurrecion travel to the Philippines boy hunting with Charles Kenyon?

A few years ago when Kenyon was in the Philippines he emailed me a photograph of a ten year old kid. I immediately deleted it. Or tried to delete it. The photo of the kid was somehow locked into my gmail and it was so difficult to delete it freaked me out. I remember thinking to myself:  These guys are going to get set-up and busted in an undercover kiddie sex sting and possibly take me with them.  I wish I still had that goddamned photograph to nail that weasel Kenyon with. I always suspected these guys were into kids but I never really cared that much. No biggie to me, we’re all a bunch of fucking deviants here right?

Now I’m really angry at John, Bobby and Rick Boehle for using CMEN and naturism as a vehicle for child sex trafficking. Now I see why Rick was so open about wanting to teach leather to boys. It is actually not illegal to be a pedophile.  A pedophile just means child lover. It is only illegal to actually have sex with a child, not be sexually attracted. These guys are making me become an expert in child sex crimes and Megan’s Law registry compliance. John lives with a Filipino national and also travels all over the world and the country.

Megan’s Law Registry Legislation

The purpose of this article is to support Megan’s Law registry legislation addressing the vacation residency compliance of Mr. Herriot. Herriot is circumventing residency compliance by not registering his out-of-state residences. There seems to be jurisdictional issues with the Megan’s Law registry that need to be tightened up. This investigation and discovery will be researching all persons within two or three degrees of John Karl Herriot and Bobby Resurrecion is on first base.  Now . . . Who’s On Second? 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.