Herriot Ex Parte Application for Preliminary Injunction

Victory in Court for Megan’s Law Web Site Investigators

Convicted child sex trafficker John Herriot’s Megan’s Law Website related legal action against Dean McAdams was thrown out of Palm Springs Superior Court this morning. Judge Chapman ruled that there are no exigent circumstances justifying any preliminary or permanent injunctions against Herriot’s Ex Parte Application for Temporary Restraining Order fails to state any type of damages or provide sufficient supporting evidence. The court ruled that the ex parte application fails to state “what was said and when” in ruling against Herriot. Here is a copy of Herriot’s two page emergency filing which was denied in court this morning:

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Megan’s Law Website Litigation

Judge Chapman briefly addressed the serious First Amendment problems with Herriot’s ex parte application. The freedom of speech issues in this case are so basic that the court didn’t need to waste any time on that.  Judge Chapman quickly got to the point and asked: “Is John Herriot listed on the Megan’s Law Website?  

John Herriot is listed on the MLW because he is a violent criminal pursuant to state and federal laws. Herriot is in a special class of Megan’s Law Website offender because he sexually preys upon boys under the age of 14.  Herriot exploits impoverished irregular migrants in and around the Port of Palm Springs. There is nothing Herriot can do to escape publicly mandated child sex offender registration.

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MENACE TO SOCIETY:  An important detail for CMEN and Camp Shalom Malibu to understand is that Herriot must permanently register every address he resides at for vacation purposes. The law specifically defines child copulator John Herriot as a “violent criminal” who poses a serious threat to everyone, not just kids.  Herriot cannot vacation without registering Camp Shalom Malibu, Starland or Whispering Oaks as his vacation addresses. State and Federal laws have judged John Herriot to be a menace to society that warrants special attention. The purpose of this website is to investigate the Boy Lover Club child sex trafficking network operated by gay little league baseball uniform salesman John Herriot aka Harrot.

The Boy Lover Club is a complex pedophile conspiracy currently engaged in a transnational human trafficking enterprise of irregular migrants in the California desert. This racketeering influenced corrupt organization includes some degree of involvement amongst Jeff Calvert, Esq., Rick Boehle, Steve Fuji, CMEN, Camp Shalom Malibu, Starland, Whispering Oaks and others.

None of these persons of interest have contacted this website other than threatening calls, texts, letters and a meritless ex parte application. If you would like to post a meaningful response, please send it to me and I will post it if you like.  However I am not negotiating now that I have won in court.  I want CMEN shut down. I don’t have to justify this private investigation or prove to anyone that John Herriot poses a serious threat to the community at large because the courts have already adjudicated this issue for the safety of everyone. These laws are even designed to protect John Herriot from John Herriot.

Convicted pedophile John Herriot filing a lawsuit against a blog is like convicted murderer John Gotti filing a lawsuit against the New York Times. Criminals are prohibited from taking legal action against journalists.  This is basic First Amendment free speech constitutional law. 

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.