Where Does New Religion Come From?

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They Don’t Make Bookstores Like This Anymore 

Have you heard the one about how I met my wife at a bookstore on Melrose Avenue?  I responded to a personal ad she placed in a yoga magazine that I bought at The Bodhi Tree.  She lived in Chapultapec, Mexico City, Mexico.  It was a match made before the Internet.

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A Melrose Avenue Bookstore is a Good Place to Start a New Religion

Franklin Jones, also known as Bubba Free John, and Adi Da studied Vedanta & Buddhism to create his own Daist religion. It all began in “The Ashram Books”, the Melrose Avenue bookstore pictured above.  Adi Da didn’t even need yoga back then. That was before the Internet.

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FROM WIKIPEDIA | With fellow former Scientology employee Sal Lucania as financier, Adi Da opened Ashram Books (later Dawn Horse Books), a spirituality bookshop in Los Angeles. He began giving lectures there based on his autobiography, soon attracting a small following due in part to his charismatic speaking style.[58][59] He taught in a traditional Indian style, lecturing from a raised dais surrounded by flowers and oriental carpets, with listeners seated on the floor. He incorporated many ideas from the Kashmir Shaivite and Advaita Vedanta schools of Hinduism, but also expressed original insights and opinions about both spirituality and secular culture.[60][61] He was one of the first westerners to become well known as a teacher of meditation and eastern esoteric traditions at a time when these were of growing interest.[62]Some early participants stated that Adi Da demonstrated an ability to produce alterations in their consciousness, likening the effect to shaktipat of Indian yoga traditions.[63]

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March Madness

For the past five months I have immersed myself in kundalini yoga practice with Guru Singh at Yoga West in my beloved home town of Los Angeles.  I burnt myself out as usual, obsessively making sure I get my money’s worth out of my $130/per month auto-pay unlimited monthly membership.  I’ve been to so many yoga classes in March that I burned my shoulders out.  The good news is that I am at a new level of awareness as to exactly how I let my shoulder posture get lazy and strain my muscles and ligaments. I needed a break and so I have only been taking one class per day this week. Guru Singh and Yogi Bhajan started Kundalini yoga in a Melrose Avenue bookstore. That was long before the Internet. 

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Microbial Snakes

Something happened to fine tune my emotions and now I can no engage in physical intimacy with men. As a result there is a huge hole in my social and personal life because I have completely cut myself off from all connection with anyone or anything gay. That’s why I fill my time with graduate level kundalini tantra education and writing these blogs.  I have to fill the void created by my change of lifestyle. 


Two years ago I was getting ready to go to my local Palm Springs gay bathhouse for the discount $5.00 Wednesday admission special. Suddenly the Holy Spirit communicated to me: If you go to the gay bathhouse, there is something there for you.  The message was only slightly ominous, but all too real.  It’s like my number was up.  My time was done. I spent ten years, a lot of it in Palm Springs, pursuing a graduate level education in male to male sex and suddenly on that day I was done.  I haven’t been to a gay bathouse in over three years. I don’t go cruising for sex online. I have only been with one guy in the last year, and that was my thank you sex for throwing a party at my villa in the desert..

It’s like I dodged a bullet. I played with fire and didn’t die of a horrible disease.  Now I can never go back to a promiscuous male to male sexual lifestyle. Now my lifestyle is chaste and Godly.

Virtual Melrose Avenue Bookstore

Now my kundalini is channeled into creating this online legacy of my life. Prayer and meditation will lead me to whatever is next. Joining up with kundalini yoga is just one of the many resources I have joined in this beautiful life. Now that I am 61 years old I can look back and reflect on a life well joined.  And now I have the Internet to publish my free online virtual Melrose Avenue Bookstore. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.