Melrose Avenue Urban Shaman

In 1991 I bought a ‘zine called The Urban Shaman at The Bodhi Tree bookstore in West Hollywood, California.  The Bodhi Tree was the last of the great Melrose Avenue bookstores to close down.  For two years I went around reading books on shamanism and calling myself an urban shaman.   What a laugh to think about how ridiculously trendy and hopelessly ambitious I was back then.  Ann Bradney used to give Radical Aliveness Core Energetics introductory workshops at The Bodhi Tree for $5.00.  Those were really fun Friday nights in the big city at Ann Bradney’s Bodhi Tree events.  A lot of new ideas begin in Melrose Avenue bookstores.

michael filipowich

Personal Shaman

Sophisticated women would place personal ads in the Urban Shaman looking for enlightened men to marry.  This was before the Internet.  So I started answering personal ads that I would find in these various and sundry Melrose Avenue bookstore magazines and newspapers. That’s how I met my wife, she put an ad in the Urban Shaman looking for a meditation teacher.  So I went to Mexico drunk and then got married a few months later for my first and only time when I was thirty-five years old.  All the American girls were hip to my drunken bullshit and so I needed greener pastures.  

michael filipowich shaman

Mexico City Madman

1992 was the year I married Veronica de Figueroa Sanchez in Mexico City.  I fancied myself some type of Carlos Castaneda shaman meets William Burroughs the novelist.  All the while Jack Kerouac is in the background singing the Mexico City Blues about his love for his junkie prostitute girlfriend.  I even went to the location where Bill Burroughs accidentally blew his wife Joan’s head off playing a drunken game of William Tell.  A few days later I got married at Sacrada Familia en La Zona Rosa. 

Celebrity Shaman Michael Filipowich

I first met Michael Filipowich in 2005 at an Eli Buren Workshop in Malibu.  The Eli Buren Workshop was the first non-AA event I attended after I got sober on January 21, 2004.  I learned a lot about myself that day.  I am an impatient little motherfucker.  Michael and I were partnered for an exercise where we had to keep our arms and shoulders outstretched as long as we could.  I was a wimp and I could barely do it back then.  I am strong from yoga and do it all the time now.  When I am doing warrior pose and feeling how strong my shoulders are I sometimes still think about that day thirteen years ago standing on the Malibu Bluffs with Filipowich. 

Michael Filipowich is a thread running from my Malibu life up until now.  Filipowich is one of three different people who suggested that I take Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.  Filipowich has also been my mentor Dr. Paul Allen’s urban shaman for the past ten years or so.  Dr. Allen has taken me with him on several of his therapeutic sessions with this urban shaman, don Miguel Filipowich.

michael filipowich

Shamanism Means Animal Spirit Guides

Shamanism is all about animal spirit guides.  There is a good gay shamanism workshop in Hollywood that really took me on a nice journey one evening.  My animal guides were butterfly’s.  I have been to Native American sweat lodges where the coyote is the spirit guide.  However these days shamanism doesn’t really resonate with me.  I just like to check out lots of different things in life.  I guess you could say that I am a curious person. 

Urban Sophisticate

I met a nice gentleman from Manhattan on named Bob Orenstein who says that I am very inquisitive.  I learned how to get fucked up my ass on Robby Orenstein’s beautiful eight inch upward curving cock.  When he first started penetrating me it really hurt but I would grit my teeth and take it.  A few years later after Dr. Allen trained me properly, Robby was pumping me with ease and really making love to me.  All because I like to check out lots of new and different things in life like urban shamanism and getting fucked up my ass by sophisticated Jewish total tops from New York.

shaman don miguel filipowich