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Charity Towards the Elderly

Memory Care Means Engaging An Old Persons Memory

If you want to do something charitable for an elderly person try engaging their long term memories with memory care. Memory care facilities in Europe re-create older, traditional village squares much like a mini-Disneyland for the elderly in order to engage older, long-term memories. Actually sitting in “memory lane” creates new neural connections and helps the brain’s neuroplasticity in order to keep the geezer’s mind energized and vital.

memory care

Roy Boy

Three times a day I eat incredible food in a beautiful dining hall with my fellow retirement community resident Roy H., a 93 year-old former realtor. Every so often Roy whips out his ancient private pilots’ license to reminisce about his flying days.

Roy once admitted to me that his wife refused to fly in his Cessna with him but I think that he forgot about this. His wife would drive to whatever airport he was landing at and meet him there in her car. Roy’s son even hinted that he was never really that eager to fly with his father. Roy can barely walk and he regularly knocks over his water and juice glasses at the table with hand jerk movements.

Using Anger For Memory Care

So the other day when Roy whipped out his old yellowed and crumbling pilot’s license and pretended that he “just ran across it” I told Roy that he couldn’t fly anymore. He asked why and I told him “because I said so”.

tobacco kills

Roy Boy got so riled up that at our very next meal he told me that he went to the airport and a pilot is going to reactivate his license after only five refresher courses. Getting Roy to engage about flying is charitable memory care for the elderly.

Why Is Dean Arnel A Psychotic Crybaby?

We demonstrate charity by allowing our elderly brothers to spew their anger and hatred into our community because we understand that they are in life-long emotional pain. Dean Arnel is constantly complaining about nothing because he is in intense childhood pain. I know because I have already been through all of the emotional pain that Dean Arnel is suffering from. Most people never recover from their parental karma. Therefore if your parents were in pain then chances are that you are in psychic pain to this day. I am a thousand years old and so I have already worked through the existential pain of existence.

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