Are You an Unwitting Member of the Randy Mendelsohn Criminal Conspiracy?

Members of a large criminal conspiracy do not have to know each other to be prosecuted under the laws of conspiracy.  The conspirators do not even have to know the details of the conspiracy.  You will note that conspiracy is usually tacked on to the end of a long list of criminal charges against a defendant in a federal prosecution for terrorism or child sex trafficking.  Conspiracy is a catch-all charge just in case the more difficult allegations are too difficult to prove at trial.  Randy Mendelsohn must be part of the James Thomey matrix. 


Have you become ensnared in the Randy Mendelsohn criminal conspiracy and how would you even know?  Let criminal conspirators know that they will end up being the subject of a paralegal education blog.  Don’t ever let smooth operators talk you into performing the unauthorized practice of law.  If you become a professional services provider in today’s dangerous world, you will be required to defend yourself against bad actors like Mr. Mendelsohn and his sham night clubs and restaurants which are shell companies for racketeer influenced corrupt organizations. Randy Mendelsohn’s newest co-conspirator is named Bishop.  How many degrees are you in to the Randy Mendlesohn Criminal Conspiracy and how would you even know?

Naming Names

Bishop is the latest member of this criminal cabal to endorse illegal activities.  Others are Brian Lysaght, Karine Kowatch, Paul Meritt Christianson, the list goes on and on.  What do they want?  Criminal enterprise.  Tell them you are not criminal and cannot help them. Your job is to catch criminals in the act of conspiring. 

The John Herriott Conspiracy

The John Herriott, Jeff Cowan, Steve De La Cruz conspiracy was just laying out in the open waiting for an investigator to uncover it.  How do you find your targets for investigation?  By listening to who is complaining about you.  That’s what I do.  John Herriott is alleging that there is a non-existent restraining order against this publication.  That is simply not true.  So why is Mr. Herriott so set against this blog?  Because Mr. Herriott has a lot to hide.  A lot of what is being hidden resides in the desert.

Cathedral City Conspiracy

We are approaching the winter season in the desert however my life is moving to the north end of the state.  Therefore new investigators are needed to monitor the criminal conspiracy known as Cathedral City.  The desert holds a natural attraction for criminal conspirators.