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Non Verbal Message

The Image is the Messenger

Publishing the message of divine consciousness is publishing my consciousness to the akashic record. I feel divinely tuned into life and love. These images are my demonstration that the divinity is in the order. I was baptized into the Holy Roman Catholic religion and have returned one again to my practice of Catholicism with a new feeling of authenticity. I never got the whole “Body of Christ” thing until now.  If I am truly the Body of Christ then am I not also the messenger?


Closing Message

To say goodbye to Dr. McDuff and Ann Bradney I made a deal with God that I would not charge money for escorting services anymore. I had to surrender my emotional and financial relationship with one phase of my life to say hello to another. The Holy Spirit filled the emotional void created by putting closure on my therapeutic friends. I processed, grounded and de-briefed with God. These past few weeks have been the culmination of six years studying and practicing Core Energetics and the theories of Wilhelm Reich. The Robert Kirby influence was the final catalyst for my devotion to the Rosary and the Body of Christ. My closing message is that at the end of the book Core Energetics, Dr. John Perrikos says: “Now that you have done the work on yourself, go out and be of service to your fellow man.”



Being of service means empowering people to find their own answers. Your answers are within. The Kingdom of Heaven is Within. Thank God for my yoga practice. One breath, one movement, one prayer. Kundalini yoga is prayer and meditation in action. My spine, back and legs feel electric with energy because of yoga. I get up naturally at 5:00 a.m. or earlier and go walking through the sprinklers in Victoria Park. Tonight the overnight low in the desert will be 80 degrees. That means I am going to do an extra long workout in the park tomorrow.  Exercise is crucial to life.  Movement is crucial to life.



Emotion is messenger energy in motion. These animated gifs are powerful because they put your energy in motion. They evoke an emotional response that cannot be readily put into words. Only a poet can put words to these images. These images make a poet out of your brain. Your brain emits hormones and other molecules of emotion when you gaze upon the hypnotic messenger. 

By Dean K. McAdams has been blogging in WordPress since 2008.