Brown Skin Mirror

Mexicana Mirror

This article is for the Mexicana bagging my groceries at the supermarket yesterday. She gave me a piercing bitch stare while I was checking out the Latina lesbian in front of me in line. The checkout girl erroneously assumed I was sexually interested in the Lesbian. I don’t want to make love to little bicycle riding desert pixies standing next to me I want to be them. I want to be the exciting young girl. When guys are looking at me I want them to see an exciting Latina lesbian in line at the supermarket.

I spiritually commune and move my energy with Mexican girls non-verbally. Silent dharma transmission. I am not going to embarrass myself or the thirty-year old vixen by actually speaking to her. Young girls are going to probably laugh in my face. I am feeling their feminine energy with my androgynous soul and laughing with love at her energy. I feel and absorb the energy of the young women in my community. I love them and protect them like the perfect and precious tantrikas that they are.

Youth is Wasted on the Youngmexicana

My attorney fag hag coworker Trish O’Brien used to say: “Youth is wasted on the young.” I am not really that interested in women sexually anymore. I make sure I have plenty of contact with brown skinned desert women. I walked by two forty-year old women in the park just now. They looked good and they were checking me out because the didn’t see me checking them out. They thought I was just walking by and didn’t see them. They were desert rats just like me looking for sexual energy. I could have easily struck up a great conversation but I was on my way to lunch with the seventy-year olds. The youthful energy wasted on the young is easily available to be freely absorbed from the generous universe.

Mexicana Vibe

I’m like a skinny girl who likes sex as much as Mexican men do. Becoming aware of my brown Mexican skin is to become aware of my real sexuality. I feel other people by their skin tones. Dark Latin skin feels hot to the touch. Brown Latin skin feels exciting to me. Older gay Mexican men tell me that I am very sexually exciting. I like men who talk to me like I am their girlfriend. Real men give me more than just great sex. Real men are strong, kind, and will kiss you softer when you ask them. Most men are not great kissers. I made myself into a really good kisser than women like. The trick is to be soft and gentle. My sexologist taught me to be soft and gentle in everything I do.