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Key to The Boy Lover Club:

Little League Baseball Uniforms

John Herriot’s secret CMEN boy lover club chatroom for pedophiles is called  The boy lover club uses little league baseball uniforms as a cover to conceal their involvement with teenage boys.  Most of Herriot’s domains for little league baseball uniforms, gay square dancing, pedophile chat rooms and gay naturist communities are all registered at the same address as California Men Enjoying Naturism: 8424-A Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 119, Los Angeles, CA 90069. 

Domain Names Registered to John Herriot Creation Date Registrar 2015-06-22 2000-06-16 1998-12-09 2000-09-21 2012-01-29 2012-01-29 2013-11-21

Follow the Youth League Baseball Uniforms

John Herriot, Jeff Calvert, Esq, Rick Boehle, Steve Fuji, Charlie Kenyon and others are using little league baseball uniforms as a vehicle for recruitment, transportation and entry of illegal child sex immigrants from Latin American. Camp Shalom Malibu and Starland are used as resources for the delivery, marketing and sexual exploitation of prepubescent boys. These gay pedophiles also use the private club known as California Men Enjoying Naturism as a cover.  Selling wholesale baseball uniforms and operating gay nudist massage events at Camp Shalom Malibu, Starland and private homes provide legitimacy and credentials to sexually exploited children. This group of self-proclaimed pedophiles is led by well travelled, registered child trafficker Herriot.

The peds prey upon impoverished prepubescent prospects in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and other Latin American countries where baseball is a major local and community event. Herriot and his henchmen pose a prominent threat to the community as they may soon be moving into newly opened Cuban connections for the boy lover club sex trafficking enterprise operating under the auspices of CMEN, Starland, Whispering Oaks in Hampshire, Tennessee and Camp Shalom Malibu.

Herriot’s Websites Have No Functionality

You cannot submit an online order for little league baseball uniforms at,, or  Any legitimate baseball uniform company has online capability to just plug in your credit card and immediately purchase a uniform, just like any other legitimate online business. Herriot’s websites are not real online businesses. Herriot’s little league baseball uniform websites are an international network of child sex traffickers.
Main Office

8424-A Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 119
Los Angeles, CA 90069
24 HOUR PHONE 1-800-4-HOMERUN (1-800-446-6378)
24 HOUR FAX 1-888-8-BASEBALL (1-888-822-7322)

Herriot and CMEN also use Camp Shalom Malibu to create credibility and validation for the Boy Lover Club

Herriot knows what children like and kids like baseball and summer camp. Rick Boehle knows how to emotionally manipulate and train twelve year old boys in baseball and gay leather fetish. This is how the peds do it.  Little league baseball uniforms, summer camp, gay nudist massage events and retreats are the key to the boy lover club of registered child sex offenders. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.