The Path Less Taken

The Middle Path

The goal in life is not to take offense at other people’s actions, then pat yourself on the back in your self-bestowed moral superiority. Somehow America became the land of the easily offended where the goal is the first to express manufactured outrage. Most of this “taking offense craze” is pure hypocrisy on the part of the offended party. Do not be offended by the mote in your brother’s eye while you have a log jammed into your own eyeball. The key to happiness and well being is to take the middle path in life. Don’t fly too low or your wings will get wet and don’t fly too high or you will get burned up by the sun. Just take a deep breath and merge into oneness with infinity.

middle path


The middle path is one of the gateways to enlightenment. Yogis and mystics are not offended by anything because they have experienced all of life. I feel as if I am a thousand years old myself. Nothing offends me. I see and feel the pain of humanity all around me and I understand it all and so I am not offended. If I become offended I immediately stop and look at myself.

What Offends Me?

The only thing offending me now is when my dining companions discuss sneezing at breakfast. They like to sneeze hyper loudly and discuss how each other’s sneezing makes sneezing contagious. My opinion is that if you have to sneeze, just fucking sneeze and be done with it. I guess I am offended when other people now come over to our table to discuss sneezing at 7:30 a.m. in the Goddamned morning. My solution is to immediately change the topic of conversation.

Where Is My Middle Path?

You may ask yourself, where is the middle path in all of this? By not engaging in the topic of sneezing I have not yet become a “party” to the action. My dinner companions do not yet know that I am offended by sneezing as a topic of conversation. If I did express an opinion against sneezing as conversation I would be dead. They would absolutely kill me by only talking about sneezing for weeks on end. So by taking the middle path of simply changing the topic I have not given myself away.