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The Man Who Knew Too Much

ten mindsThe Man With Too Many Minds:

When I was nineteen years old I wrote a song called: “The Man With Two Minds.”  It was an existential punk rant about sexual and technological anxiety. Typical spoiled suburban white child drivel. Probably a lot like what you are seeing before you right now. My labors of love as a youth were not as engaging as my attempts as an adult.

Writing this blog is what I do when I could be doing anything. However I have changed my mind about minds because now I simply meditate my human mind into the divine mind of God. My mind’s made up. My practice is oneness with divine mind.

So I went to Primetime AA and got a brand new pair of sunglasses. This is my blog about it. This article is about learning to open up my mind and see things differently for a change. brain body mind awareness

Two Minds: Personality and Soul 

This article is for Paul Doyle and the Primetime AA minds who were part of the catalyst of my awakening and recovery of God Consciousness. By observing my diseased alcoholic thinking I was able to separate my two minds between Dean’s mind (personality) and God’s mind (soul).


12 Step Meeting of the Minds

I thank God I found the consciousness transformation that saved my life at the now defunct Wednesday night “Life Preserver” Primetime AA meeting at the Spirit of Studio 12 in North Hollywood.

This was the scene of my awakening into my redemption and unification of my soul and God. I was living in the rehab community of Malibu and driving into the Valley twice a week for 12 Step Workshops led by K.C. Pierson.

The Life Preserver meeting currently exists in a non-AA 12 Step Workshop at Faith Presbyterian Church in NoHo. This meeting is definitely worth checking out. You will either love it or hate it.  No middle ground with Primetime AA.

brain blowing upCharacter Transformation

A few minutes ago I gave a kid $20.00 for a $15.00 Palm Springs High School fundraising card. Tipped him $5.00 and told him good job, play football, sporting competition creates champions. I told the kid to play ball and the money would come. That’s what I am doing here. I am playing ball by gifting the world and not expecting anything in return. God already gave me everything I need. Now my only job is to connect the minds.

There are hundreds of animated gifs on the Internet just like these that have no text attached. By using these unique animated gifs of heads, eyes and minds, this website is synergized by having the only published text associated with these images. By contextualizing these images on this website I get more search engine optimization benefit than the artist. Google and the Internet love images and video. The only thing I am not doing correctly in life is posting a ton of video on this website. Video takes a lot of time to produce. I need to make a commitment right here right now to someday soon start shooting more video on my iPhone.

mindfulnessThe Minds of Man

How many minds do you have? Are you aware of your mental compartmentalization. Compartmentalization and detachment can be useful tools or they can be mental illnesses. Mental and Emotional health depends upon mindfulness.

The purpose of this website if for me to learn and grow as an artist and a human being. This is healing work that keeps me going in life.

Does this post inspire you to think and learn? I need to think and learn and discern my world on an intimate basis. I need to feel. I need to love. Who are you and what are you doing in your life or in mine. My heart is wide open to healing a suffering world. My job is to include you in the love of God that flows into my wide open tsunami heart. Watching myself lover my volume and rapid fire content my desire is to slide into your soul unnoticed and love you.

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