TWIGBY Mobile Liberation

Switching To Twigby $9.00 Mobile Service

After expensive Verizon Wireless bills for the past sixteen years I have switched to a $9.00/per month Twigby mobile account. My needs are not great and I was actually searching for a text only service when I found Twigby. My new Twigby service uses Sprint towers and includes 300 voice minutes, unlimited texting and 200 megabytes of data. Instead of four strong Verizon bars I now have two weak Sprint bars and poor voice quality for the first time in my life but that doesn’t even phase me.

At $9.00 a month I feel like I am finally stealing from a utility company instead of the other way around. It feels like financial liberation every time I even look at that iPhone now. In between services I was using the iPhone as a WiFi computer only and even that was a rush to see the iPhone working for free. It feels good to live for free.


Choosing to Live With No Car in California

It also feels like financial liberation to have sold my beloved Chrysler Town & Country. My retirement home has plenty of bus trips for shopping and the home takes me to all of my medical appointments however I have rediscovered walking again. It is only 1.25 miles to the first big intersection where there is a Von’s and the Rite-Aid where I get my prescriptions filled. It feels good to be walking to stores again like I used to do with Dharma dog. My new senior tap card let’s me ride the bus for practically for free however I have’t even used it yet. My neighborhood is a really nice place to walk around in and it is really fun watching the middle school girls play basketball in the morning.

The Beatles – Good Morning

Good morning, good morning,
Good morning good morning

Everyone you see is half asleep
And you’re on your own
You’re in the street

After a while you start to smile now you feel cool

Then you decide to take a walk by the old school.

Good morning, good morning

pope dog