Eternal Social Isolation of the Red Monk

This is a collection of GIFs called “Monastic Life” that I have curated from for your pandemic pleasure. I have CNN on in the background with the closed captions on and the audio track off. Lately I have deleted so many blogs that it is now important to create a lot of new content. Here is a visual narrative of the eternal social isolation of the Red Monk.

monastic life
Monastic life
monastic life

Monastic Life

Monastic life during the Covid-19 social isolating can be an extremely productive time if you have an appropriate digital outlet for your creative energy.

If you are going to pay to host a blog on GoDaddy then you should leverage your investment by blogging as often as possible. If you need ideas for blog topics you can always search for the latest and coolest GIFs.

When I am searching for text topics I sometimes search for images that will inspire me. Using interesting images as my muse, I am working on developing a softer and gentler writing style.

My goal is to become more refined and sophisticated and this Covid-19 social isolation is perfect for my personal development. The spiritual world does not care about your little feelings but the human world does. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned and human things no longer interest me as much as they used to. I am glad that I rolled around in the barnyard of life so that now I can be content in my monastic lifestyle during the pandemic.