When the Rain Washes You Clean You Will Know


A warm gentle four am rain brushed LA again this morning. Hydrotherapy light for the City of Angels and the Cult of the Daily Bathers. Soon a nice heavy rain will wash the streets and beaches clean and you will be able to feel the difference. Women they will come and they will go, when the rain washes you clean you will know.


Each and every morning my sacred hydrotherapy ritual prepares my body to dance with the world. Immediately after the toilet I go directly into the shower, and then right into the steam room to inhale deeply. Drinking water the whole time, I do sun salutations and stand on my head in the steam room at 5:30 am. Then I take a real shower with soap and use one of the full size Bay Club towels as a wash cloth on my whole body.


Hydrotherapy Tool Acquisition

Walking out to the sinks I grab a blue disposable razor and put a dab of Barbasol shaving cream in my hand. Back in the steam room I flatten the shaving cream out in my hands and warm it up good before I apply this professional grade set-up to my willing face. Then I rub the hot lather in to my face and push it up into my beard. Walking back out to the sinks I tingle with cleanliness as the hot lather shave glides smoothly across my smiling face. By 6:00 am my monkey glands are clean and my daily hydrotherapy ritual is complete.


Disposable razors are called disposable because you are supposed to throw them away after you use them but I toss them into my gym bag just in case they are out of blue disposable razors in my sumptuous room at the Motel 6 in Newport Beach this weekend.

White energy

7:00 am and I am dressed in white and practicing Kundalini yoga and full body meditation at Yoga West on Robertson Boulevard.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.