MOS makes good Masons better.

I’m not angry anymore. Two weeks ago I received my annual satisfaction survey from Masonic Outreach Services. I filled it out early and mailed it in. MOS is saving my life during the pandemic. A MCYF therapist healed my PTSD using EMDR. I love everything about Freemasonry. Yesterday I was an angry Mason, but that is all healed over now. Now I love all my Brother Masons. I love everyone at MOS. I have been filled with love, forgiveness and healing for everyone. I’m not angry anymore.

Lodge Masonry Not Required

I erroneously believed that I would have to attend the stated meeting at Lodge to find this Masonic healing. Nothing ever happens tomorrow. The healing is right here right now. This healing blog is how I engage the Fraternity in the process of my mystical healing. I have been engaging with the Fraternity for the past ten years and none of it has ever been in a Lodge of free and accepted Masons. A virtual Lodge of investigation. Here is my newly created Virtual Lodge of Healing.

Now I am using Masonic imagery to self-heal my severe postherpetic neuralgia. I don’t know anything about acupuncture. I fantasized a virtual Lodge ritual where I used only my own mind to place the acupuncture needles into the burring stabbing pain on the right side of my body. Miraculously my pain level went from an 8 down to a 2. From now on, anything to do with Freemasonry gets high ratings by me. I’m not angry anymore.

Two Channel Mental Imagery

Black and white Masonic images can be used to create a separate and distinct layer to mental imagery. It’s like two channel fantasy. The black and white channel and the color channel mixed together into a composite mental image.

When I contemplate I create a background of black and white Masonic images that are already inside of my memory. I let the Masonic images change and transform on their own, like they are a dream. I move my eyes back and forth while watching them like an EMDR image.

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The Virtual Lodge of Healing

Meanwhile, my color fantasy is me in an antique medical chair at virtual Lodge. I already have an array of acupuncture needles inserted along the axis and radius of my pain on the right side of my body. I knew that the acupuncture needles could not hurt as much as the pain and so I welcomed the needles in on their own. I let them jab around on their own accord. The needles found the endorphin release levers. Nerve regeneration was stimulated. I meditated all of this in five minute sessions over a few hours. In between I would relax, meditate, and let the healing set. Let the nerve pain drain away in solitary hermetic ritual. No Lodge required.


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.