SELF-CONSTRUCTED BELIEF SYSTEMS: Moses On Trial For Fraudulent Misrepresentation

Moses on Trial For Putting a Veil Over Consciousness

Everybody is on trial these days, no one here gets out alive because everyone’s a witness or a suspect. Why did Moses choose a burning bush to represent his messenger of God? The burning bush was a convenient metaphor for an angel of God. But Moses didn’t need to use an angel as authority. Moses could have self-authorized himself as the Jewish leader. The Jews were in bondage and desperate for anyone to help them, let alone lead them. Moses should be placed on trial for self-constructing another useless religion.

Moses didn’t need to duplicated another God, per se, he needed to construct a superior weapon to escape the Egyptians

The sons of Israel were hungry for a God that would vanquish the many Gods of their Egyptian captors. Man has created many different types of religion, and the world is still a violent toxic place, sometimes with the help of warring religious factions. It is time to remove the veil that Moses has placed upon the face of God. Moses is hereby judged and convicted of packaging and marketing pure human God Consciousness into a religion.

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The Flight Of Moses

After going on the run for killing an Egyptian, Moses got married and was tending his father-in-law Jethro’s flock on the Mountain of God. Moses experienced pure God consciousness on Mount Horeb and codified his experience as his authority to lead his tribe on the Exodus. In God Consciousness, Moses was guided by Spirit to lead the sons of Israel out of Egyptian bondage to the land of milk and honey. This is the point at which the Jewish Religion was born.

moses on trial
Birth of a Nation-Less Religion

From this experience of pure consciousness, Moses constructed the Jewish Religion. Why didn’t Moses just tell the people that when he was meditating, he was guided by spirit to lead them out of slavery? Because Moses had to give the sons of Israel something tangible. God’s chosen people get what God’s people want and so Moses obliged them by self-constructing their very own God’s chosen people religion. Moses was forced to invent his Jewish God because the Egyptian slave masters had a pantheon of God King Pharaoh, household Gods and all manner of various and sundry Gods.

The God hungry Hebrews were making-up calf-Gods that imitated Egyptian bull-Gods. So Moses had to construct a God that was bigger and better than all of the Egyptian Gods combined. Moses self-constructed one more unnecessary obstacle between man and God Consciousness.

moses on trial
The Eternal Con Artist

This site had investigated a great many confidence artists including religion specialists such as Guru Singh and the temple brawling Sikh Religion of Beverly Hills, California.

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.