How to Become a Child of God

Mulatto Girl

How many times do you have to forgive your enemy? In order to become a Child of God you must forgive your enemy seven times seventy times. Why do I resist forgiving everyone? Because I secretly tell myself that forgiveness does not apply to me because I am educated as a paralegal. Or whatever other lie I deceive myself with. Once I began to practice forgiveness it became like a habit that snowballed into a spiritual practice of radical forgiveness. It is easy to forgive your neighbor when she is a sexy young mulatto girl. The secret is to practice radical forgiveness by forgiving the fat old ugly people also.

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A Mulatto, Or A Mestizo

Have you ever really loved your neighbor? Do you really love all of your neighbors, right now? It is really hard to love your neighbor. It is easy to love your neighbor is she is a sexy young mulatto girl with a parrot. But in order to become a child of God you must love your neighbor no matter what.

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Be My Neighbor

It took me a long time to love my neighbor. Why did I refuse so long? I kept thinking that “love your neighbor” somehow didn’t apply to me. Or if “love your neighbor” did apply to me then there were caveats specifically for me because I am bisexual. Or whatever.


Target Mulatto Girl

If you give your alms in secret you receive God’s Grace. If you give your alms in public you forfeit God’s Grace. Giving secret service and alms to children earns one the highest gifts of God’s loving Grace. Magic and mystical things have happened in my life because of the loving care and education that I have given to children. I have no children of my own and so to fulfill my karmic debt to raising healthy children I have done other things. Working as a juvenile justice mediator I tried to keep a young mulatto girl out of jail for shoplifting at Target.

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.