Usually murder happens for a reason.

Most murder happens for a reason. Are you unwittingly sowing the seeds or your own demise? You have to give somebody a damn good reason to go to the extremes required to terminate your existence. Who would risk spending the rest of their life in prison? Someone who probably became grossly unhinged as a result of your bad acting. Be careful who you choose as a road rage opponent.

Pumped-Up Jared Bridegan looks like a road rage homicide waiting to happen

Take a good look at the face of every murder victim. Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan, 33, was shot dead February 16 as his two-year-old daughter watched from a car seat. Mr. Bridegan looks like the type of macho asshole that would piss somebody off enough to get himself whacked.

Law enforcement says that it was a targeting killing. The widow Bridegan alleges the killers are cowards for not giving her husband a chance to fight back. She fails to see the whole point. The combatants had most likely engaged in a previous fight where Mr. Bridegan’s pumped-up size prevented a fair fight and so the loser came back with an equalizer because the killer didn’t want a fair fight. Much like the Kyle Rittenhouse affair, all parties were assholes and the biggest asshole won.

Murder always happens for a reason if you look hard enough. Even if it was a thrill killing, that was the reason, someone killed for kicks. Humans are like that. However, when you piss off someone who is a bigger asshole than you are, you run a much higher risk of getting yourself executed than if you were a peaceful yogi.

Jared Bridegan looks like a jock type who wouldn’t back down for anyone. Did Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan get in a road rage drama with say perhaps, a Google executive high on crack? Stranger things have happened.

targeted killing of jared bridegan

Post-pandemic psychopathology

You may think I’m crass or insensitive, however I am actually being a realist. As I venture out into the post-pandemic world I see more and more people like Jared Bridegan breaking laws and causing problems. The police are understaffed nation wide. It has to be murder for the cops to respond to your 911 call. Maybe someone couldn’t wait that long to get Mr. Bridegan out of their life.

Did Jared Bridegan’s killer drive this truck?
Divorce can be a real killer

In addition to two small children, Mr. Bridegan had two nine year-old boy & girl twins from a previous marriage. Bridegan had just dropped the twins off at his ex-wife’s and was on his way home when he had to stop and remove tire from the roadway which was blocking his way. That’s when he was shot. Shot after leaving his ex-wife’s. If it looks like a duck, drives like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck. Jarad Bridegan looks like a duck to me. This duck was probably dispatched in a divorce related dispute.

The 9 year-old twins did not attend their father’s funeral because something is rotten in Florida.
Be very careful who the hell you piss off

You should be very careful how you conduct your life these days. Everything is on camera. Elders like me are skilled in the ways of litigation and trial by media. We are standing up to murderers and trouble makers. I would never kill anybody because I have other ways to pay them back for interloping in my life. However some aggrieved parties are known to settle their disputes with a bullet in the back of your head. So remember, murder happens because in most homicides the victim gave the murder a compelling reason to take such extreme measures.

murder happens for a reason
Justin ‘Frog’ Syfers and Kami Roebuck on their way to yet another one of their court appearances as criminal defendants at the San Bernardino Justice Center.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.