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Agent of Chaos

My new found compassion for cell phone addicts who give me heart attacks.

You are an agent of chaos distracted by your mobile device and I am the compassionate Buddha looking out for the both of us. From now on I have decided to practice compassion for cell phone addicts even though they are a danger to themselves and others by walking around staring at a screen while they are walking.

compassion for cell phone addicts
I wish I could walk around showing off my well developed abdominal muscles however in my opinion it looks sleazy when men show off their bodies in public.

Please look where you are walking instead of looking at your mobile device

This morning in my building a young Korean woman jumped out of the elevator with her mobile phone glued to her face and she gave me a minor heart attack. Is this anti-Asian sentiment on my part? No, this is empirical reality. If a blue eyed blond jumped out at me I would have had the same pain in my heart at being startled by an agent of chaos. The young woman who gave me a heart attack this morning just happened to be Asian. You know that feeling you get when someone startles you and you exclaim: “Oh! You almost gave me a heart attack.” That pain in your chest is actually a real, albeit minor, heart attack. I know because after years and years of having that startling jolt to my heart, I finally had a major heart attack that required emergency open heart coronary by-pass surgery. From now on I am going to be extra vigilant for people who put me at risk of having another major heart attack. In my new identity as the compassionate Buddha, I will be the bigger human being and enlightened soul by walking wide around corners in my urban environment. Is this pro-Asian sentiment on my part? No, this is how I find spiritual meaning in my daily life. After all, I chose to live in an exciting downtown urban cosmopolitan environment. Compared to my life of crime, cell phone addicts are very light weight offenders and it does not matter what race or gender they are.

Nomophobia: Fear of being without your phone

It becomes easier to have compassion for cell phone addicts when you realize that they are suffering from the disease of Nomophobia.