Fisherwoman Eryn Robinson never replied to my clean email, she only dangles her bait hooks

The fraudulent, non-existent “Eryn Robinson” at never responded to my fresh email in reply to her link sharing request email to me. Mrs. Robinson only wanted me to reply to her email bomb so that she could sink her fish hooks into me. Since I foiled her malicious plans she has ramped up her attack. Eryn Robinson either does not read these posts or she is ignoring them. She continues to try and get me to respond to her bait email. My only friends are fake like Mrs. Robinson and Isla Gage.

my only friends are fake link sharing emails

This morning I received yet another fake link collaboration request. The fraud just rolls in like waves off the ocean. This mornings malfeasance is from “Isla Gage” at “Giejo” Magazine. There in fact exists a but no Giejo Magazine per se. This is all very fraudulent.

If you are a detective, you will be able to connect the dots and come up with the culprit. Fraud is easy for the experienced investigator to detect in just a few moments. Many people are fooled by tactics such as these. The Zen Grifter didn’t even get this one. Griff doesn’t spot the deception because he has not been the recipient of this type of malevolence for the past fourteen years like I have.

my only friends are fake like isla gage

My only friends are fake like Isla Gage of “DIMEPIECE LOS ANGELES”

Yesterday I updated the LegalNoodle home page on the proper procedure to propose link sharing. In what seems like an immediate response to my request for a page to link to, this morning the fraudsters sent me another fake link sharing proposal using my parameters. This time they have added a hilarious fake pornographic website for adult sex toys.

My only friends are fake content creators and fraudulent Facebook friends. I am really impressed by the quality of their new attempts to infect my computer and destroy my blog and my life. Dimepiece. Piece of ten dollar product.

Dear Isla: I accept your offer. Here are the links that you requested in your email this morning. Now please link this blog back to DIMEPIECE L.A. to consummate our collaboration. Thank you for your partnership!

Is it CMEN in my mailbox or Chief David Doan?

If it wasn’t for fake friends like CMEN founder John Herriot, I would have no friends. Ten years ago if it was the holiday season I would be with the Community of Men Enjoying Naturism running around naked in Palm Springs. Or maybe I would have been fraternizing with the Fraternity in Santa Monica. I spent huge chunks of my time and money in these and other organizations, only to discover that they were conducting undercover investigations of my life. Now the tables have turned and I am investigating the investigators. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

This is the best fake undercover website that I have ever seen

In my crime fighting career I have seen lots of fake websites. Whoever “Isla Gage” is, her undercover operation is one of your best yet. I am impressed that you have taken the time to finally become a worthy opponent by creating a real website. Prior to this morning, you were really lame with your amateur operations. Next time put a little more work into it.

Constructive Criticism

Hopefully you will be able to use this critique of your operation in improving your undercover props. If your fake business is called DIMEPICE LOS ANGELES then the prices should be in U.S. dollars and not pounds. Your site has a few glaring problems that give you away.

fake link sharing
The blogs are non-sensical, written by robots.

You make me feel good about myself. It feels good to know that you are out there working these hilarious little psychological operations against me. You have given me something to smile about this morning. I will be laughing about you when I am running on the beach in Sucka’ Free City. Next time get a real shopping cart on your fake website!

Fake non-functional DIMEPIECE LOS ANGELES shopping cart

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.