Christ Was A Contemplating Mystic, Not a Sunday School Teacher

Avatar, Mystic or Rabbi?

Christ was an avatar and mystic, not a teacher. What kind of a teaching is “The Kingdom of Heaven is Within?” Christ was a practicing mystic whose followers called him rabbi, the Hebrew word for teacher. Christ’s disciples should have called him a mystic. My meditation teacher Joel S. Goldsmith is often called a modern Christian mystic. Goldsmith practiced the constant presence of God. A mystic practices the constant presence of God. Christ’s disciples did not recognized him as God when he was alive as Jesus or when the formless Christ Consciousness met the disciples on the road to Erasmus. As a child practicing Catholicism I did not recognize that taking Holy Communion was really mystical Christ Consciousness. Now after six months of prayer, meditation and contemplation I am practicing everyday Catholic mysticism by celebrating the Eucharistic Mass. 

mystic body of christ consciousnessPaul Was a Teacher

Most of the Christian Bible, also known as the New Testament, was written by a teacher of the Holy Spirit named Paul. Paul was not a mystic, Paul was a teacher. Paul wrote things like: “Don’t become a male prostitute.” The Christ Avatar never told people what to do per se, Christ only said: “Don’t miss the mark (sin) anymore.” The word we know as “sin” means “to miss the mark” in Aramaic.

A Practicing Catholic is an Everyday Mystic

To practice the Catholic Mass is to practice everyday mysticism. There is only one eternal an ongoing Mass that Christ celebrated at the last supper. The Mass, like Christ Consciousness, exists in the past, present and future. The Holy Spirit was then, now and forever. It took me years to experience this. Now I am able to fully appreciate and have immense gratitude for my Catholic practice. Universal Christ Consciousness is my constant practice.