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I have not been inside a church for years

Mystical Christian?

May 4, 2020 UPDATE:  This mystical christian article is just a lot of filler I wrote when I first created this website while living in the desert. The only reason I have left it here is because I like the graphic.  The rainbow walker used to be the first logo for this website.

This article is in response to homophobic Christian websites denigrating homosexual Christians. You are projecting your inability to deal with your homosexuality onto the brave spiritual souls who self identify as pansexual Christians. It is okay for all gay spiritual people to come out not. African pastors who speak out against gay believers need to be called out on their lack of Christ Consciousness. If you ignore gay people today they will eventually find a church that accepts them. The Catholic Church is making a major effort to reconcile with gay Christians and so should every other entity using the name Christ. The new pansexual Christian is growing stronger everyday. 

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Gay people are inherently spiritual.  Gay people are naturally spiritual because they are outsiders just like the rebel from Nazareth. People who are rejected just go off and join their own little reject communities like I did with punk rock and gay naturism. I like being naked and doing whatever I want to do. God found me at an early age and called me out. A mere fifteen years ago I was living as a closeted gay Christian or something like that. Now I am an out gay Catholic. My pansexuality made me inherently spiritual. The schisms in my bisexual nature opened me up to God. 

The New Mystical Christian

The purpose of this article is to update the image of the California Gay Christian. California is a tough spiritual market for Christianity. Here in my beloved home state of California spirituality requires more responsibility than wrote parroting of mainstream evangelical doctrine and dogma. Out here in the desert your God must be authentic because there are no frills out here. I miss the thrills and frills of Los Angeles but they make it difficult to focus on intimate communion with God.

The Word Christian

Telling people you are a “Christian” doesn’t cut it with me. I practice Christ Consciousness. Christ Mind got me through an emotionally intense 4th of July Weekend. The only thing there is for me is God Consciousness.

Currently I am in my fourth major level of development in the Holy Roman Catholic Church. I was in the middle of kundalini teacher training when the Body of Christ mystically came upon me in the desert heat. The Holy Spirit of the Catholic Church is the same Holy Spirit of Evangelical Protestantism. I have practiced many flavors of Christianity. Now I have returned full circle to the religion I was baptized into as a child. 

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