Meditating my mystical gay consciousness in the predawn hours this morning I entered an in between state of wakefulness. For a few moments I was in state of consciousness in between meditation and dreaming. I didn’t wake up. When I am dreaming and I realize I am dreaming I usually wake up immediately. This morning I realized I was dreaming and I didn’t wake up. This is the result of energy shifting work I have been doing. I have shifted my energy from powerful healers to myself. I am practicing the credo: “Physician Heal Thyself.”


Mystical Consciousness Can Be Attained Through Practice


When we fall in love with someone who do we fall in love with? We don’t really fall in love with that person. We fall in love with what that person does to us. If we fall in love with healers who possess higher consciousness, we will fall in love with that form of consciousness. I recently fell in love with a gynecologist and my state of being was elevated to a new level of consciousness.



Extra Sensory Perception


By using intuition, imagination and inspiration we can transform ordinary consciousness into gay mystical consciousness. It is possible to see people for what they really are. I have the strange ability to mirror. I am a mirror. People look at me and they see whoever they want to see. People look at me and see their own radiant mystical gay consciousness mirrored back at them.


White Tantra and Mystical Gay Consciousness


It is important for tantrikas and dakinis to not ejaculate during sex. My whole episode of mystical gay consciousness this morning is the result of having mystical sex without orgasm. Homosexuality is elevated above mere procreation. Bisexual and pansexual androgyny is the unified human experience. White tantra yoga is the method. 


Unified Sexual Consciousness: Cunt is the New Bitch


Lately I have been practicing being a cunt.  Universal cunt. As a matter of fact I think that I will now concentrate on developing my unified cunt theory of sexuality. A feminine androgynous bisexual male invokes the power of pussy in his mystical consciousness

mystical gay consciousness